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11/24/2005 01:18:00 AM

Well this is the most action Sarah Cooks has seen in a long, long while!

I’ve only just realised that there are quite a few food bloggers in Melbourne who, like myself, are keen on eating and cooking and blogging! Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting acquainted with some of these blogs (links to come shortly), and really enjoying reading them.

Tonight I had the opportunity to meet a few of them, Cindy, Ed and Jamie, at an industry dinner at The Trust restaurant on Flinders Lane in the city.

The reason for the event was to celebrate the appointment of Spencer Patrick as the new head chef.

There were delicious canapés, drinks, and a lot of chat.

I didn’t get photos of all the food (because of bad lighting and hunger…), but this is what we tried…

Carpaccio of beef: celeriac remoulade, truffle mayonnaise, parmesan

Parfait of chicken livers: sauternes jelly and toasted brioche

Salmon Roulade

Terrine of ham hock: fried quails egg and pineapple compote

Tempura zucchini flowers: filled with Milawa goats cheese, basil and sauce vierge

And the sweets…

Panna cotta: champagne jelly and poached strawberries

Creme Brulée

Chocolate Soup with a marshmallow raft

Before the dinner, I was working until 7pm, and we’d had a function, which involved, funnily enough, passing around canapés. Usually, after a function, if there’s any food left over (and there always is), we get to scoff it. However, tonight, knowing that a (no doubt vastly superior) canapé dinner was available to me, I refrained from stuffing my face at work. Big mistake! Even though the food at The Trust was delicious, it came in very, very small serves, and not very frequently. So after The Trust, still a bit pekish, we headed down to Supper Inn, in Chinatown. Giggity giggity.

dinner part 3

Crispy Suckling Pig

Gai laan


It was a fun evening, lovely to meet everyone!

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  1. Fast work Sarah. Good to see you snapped a few of the tasty little scraps of designer-retro franco-brit food. So that's what Michelin-starred canapes taste like.

    My personal fave was the miniature breakfast butty... aka the ham thing on toast avec fried quail eggs. Mmmm... pig.

    See you and the fellow foo-bloggers next week.


  2. That was quick. Nice pics too. Was there much photoshopping? It was a great night and look forward to seeing everyone of Wednesday. I was going to post today but I'm just too damn hot.



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