Late night snack, Greek-stylee

10/30/2005 02:16:00 PM

After a night out at Amber Lounge's Greek night, where else could we go but Stalactites!! Stalactites is ace, it's a Melbourne institution (and I do not bandy about that term lightly). It's been open since before my parents moved to Australia back in the 1970s, it's open 24-7, and it's always packed, especially late on Saturday nights with partygoers craving a fab souvlaki. I love it!

We had souvlakis (chicken for me, mixed for Steph and fillet for Sandy), chips and saganaki. God, I love saganaki - it's fried cheese. I think that a Willy Wonka Caramel Whipple Bar (pulled from the depths of Sandy's handbag) was involved as well.

Saganaki baby

Stalactites... yeah baby yeah!

If you liked this, check out the Malaysian equivalent...

  • Late night snack malaysian stylee
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