The Essential Ingredient, #2

8/26/2005 03:45:00 PM

I just came back from The Essential Ingredient, and having spent a whopping $218.82, I am now an Essential Ingredient VIP customer!! Which means that I get 6% off all full-priced goods for two years. Schweeeeet!

Here's what I bought...

Italian 00 type flour, $4.21
Marlux Pepper Mill, 14cm, $36.00
Saffron Powder, 2gm, $14.70
Buckwheat Flour, 500gm, $3.98
Non-Stick Flan-tin with removable base, 20cm, $16.10
2-Handled Earthenware Paella dish, $22.95
1 tin unsweetened chestnut Puree, $9.36
Juniper Berries, 40g, $5.95
Dried Morels, 15gm, $18.60
3 packets vacuum-packed chestnuts, 200gm, $10.50 each
Vialone Naro Ferro Rice, 1kg, $11.35
Crystallised Violets, $17.28
Stem-ginger in Syrup, 300gm, $6.95
Dark Muscovado Sugar, 500g, $4.40
Light Muscovado Sugar, 500g, $4.24
Clement Faugier Tinned Chestnuts, 435g, $11.25

Damn straight. I'm now just waiting for my card to arrive in the mail...

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