Current Obsessions, 13: Summer Edition

12/29/2019 11:40:00 PM

Nußschnecken (Hazelnut scrolls); Kaya and coconut scrolls; Fruit with coconut yogurt and gula melaka granola

Hello hello! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are enjoying this weird limbo holiday time between Christmas and New Year's. I for one, have lost track of the days and have been eating far too much leftover ham and mince pies. Here are my current obsessions, the summer edition!


Palm print

Palm Print Dress
Palm Print Dress

Palm print is everywhere right now and I'm super into it! (This also ties into my flamingo obsession from February 2018 which still shows no sign of abating). I love the tropical holiday vibe. I bought this dress at Witchery and I love it (although to be perfectly honest the fabric itself is a bit annoying and catches on everything, but I still love it). I also got a sleeveless top in the same print as a Christmas gift from my wife, as well as a non-Witchery monstera/flamingo robe! We've got monstera-print noren hanging in the kitchen, a selection of real palms in the living room (a monstera, a golden cane palm), and other palm-related bits and pieces (shopping bags, candles and so on). Love!


Saltwater Sandals

Saltwater Sandals

I love these shoes so much and wear them everywhere! I usually live in Havaianas throughout the summer (and spring and autumn and some of winter). But for our last trip to Malaysia, I wanted to buy some comfortable sandals that looked a bit more formal so that I wouldn't be barred from entering the bar at the hotel - enter the Saltwater sandals! With their hard soles and straps I was worried they might get painful or pinchy after a long day, but nope, they're incredibly comfortable. (I find it hard to buy shoes, as I have very big and wide feet, so it's a big deal for me to find shoes that look nice and are comfortable, yay!) I can walk around in them all day!


Pavlova Platter

Pavlova Platter
Pavlova Platter

This pavlova platter was a last minute addition to our Christmas dinner. (Unusually for me, I hadn't planned any dessert, and two days before Christmas, Sandra suggested a pavlova platter, as she'd seen a few beautiful ones on Instagram). It was such a good choice  - it looked so spectacular but was actually so easy to make! I have heaps of egg whites in the freezer, and used Nigella's mini pavlova recipe, which worked really well. We added whipped cream, and loads of gorgeous fresh fruits. I think the selection of fresh fruit really celebrates Australian summer. What a treat! I also loved letting everyone create their own individual pavlova to their tastes. I'm planning on whipping up a pavlova platter at the next few summer barbecues and celebrations!




I briefly mentioned kaya in my last Obsessions post; let me expand on that a bit more now. I've always loved kaya (Malaysian coconut egg jam), and on my most recent trip to Europe in September, I brought a jar of kaya with me to give to Clarice so she could try it... but left it on the plane. D'oh! Shortly after I left Europe, she texted me saying that a local cafe in Paris had started serving kaya toast (on baguette, lol), so she could try it. Yay! That triggered a whole new level of kaya-obsession in me. I started a kaya toast series on Instagram: "A Kaya Toast a Day" sharing all the kaya toast photos I've taken over the last few years. I've made kaya a few times at home, using different recipes until I found the perfect one for me. I've been eating loads of kaya toast with half-boiled eggs. I even made some coconut kaya scrolls for a brunch party last week (you can see them at the top of this post). I'll be sharing the recipes for the kaya and the scrolls soon!



Cats poster
Image source: IMP awards

Cats. I saw the trailer for this when it first came out a few months ago, and I had QUESTIONS. Mainly: "Why?", "What the hell is this?", and "Whyyyy?"

The trailer showed this bizarre nightmare-scape full of weird realistic CGI cat-human hybrids belting out show tunes with LOTS of emotion. I knew I had to watch it. I love bad movies and anything camp. (Showgirls is another favourite). And I just needed to know more! I wouldn't shut up about it, and Sandra kindly took me to see it a couple of days ago. We were the only people in the cinema. It was a truly bizarre experience. I have no answers, only more questions.

How did they get such a stellar and diverse cast to appear in this film? (Judi Dench! Ian McKellen! Rebel Wilson! Idris Elba! Hyper-masculine Jason Derulo as Rum Tum Tugger, singing one of the campest songs I've ever heard!) Howwwwww?
Why is Judi Dench wearing a fur coat made of her own fur?
How on earth does Rebel Wilson unzip her fur to reveal - yet more fur and somehow a pink vest and shorts combination?
Why do the lady cats have boobs?
Why do some wear clothes?
Why do the cockroaches have faces?
Why any of this unholy nonsense?

I haven't seen the live action musical, but can only assume that the cat costumes make sense in the logic of the musical, and that theatre audiences expect to suspend disbelief. Importantly, the live action musical wouldn't have that terrifying uncanny realistic CGI thing going on.

A couple of positives: Taylor Swift's original song is beautiful (it plays over the end credits), and I've never wanted to stroke Dame Judi Dench more.


So, what's coming up on the blog? Lots of recipes! The kaya recipe is coming up, as well as the fab kaya and coconut scrolls! I've also got some awesome Nußschnecken (German hazelnut scrolls), a tropical granola recipe, and an unseasonable yet totally delicious hot gingerbread pudding with smoked salted toffee sauce that I can't wait for winter to share!

You can read all of my Current Obsessions posts here.

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  1. Love the pavlova platter! I've seen it on social media and it looks like so much fun, plus you can just add your favourite fruit. Happy New Year!



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