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11/27/2019 10:04:00 PM

Sliced avocado on toast
Sliced Avocado on Toast

Good morning! Time for a new obsessions post. There's no special reason for the avocado picture to open this post; just that ever since my beloved Barham Avocados stopped selling to retail customers it's been super difficult to find perfect avos, and I was so pleased when I cut into this perrrrrfect one that we just bought at the supermarket!


Elton John

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I recently read Elton John's autobiography: Me, and couldn't put it down. It was such an entertaining read and he's had an incredibly fascinating life. I know he's had a ghostwriter to help him with the book, but the tone of the book is unmistakably Elton - witty and camp, with a dry sense of humour, but also warm. I found it so interesting to read about his slog playing in backing bands and as a session musician, until he and Bernie finally made it big. (Well, huge!) One of my favourite lines is (and excuse the NSFW language) was when he was describing the mortifying experience of having UK tabloid The Sun publishing old intimate photos of him, one of which featured him performing a sex act. His description? "Gay man sucks penis: It's not exactly a Pulitzer-winning scoop." Hah!

I've been listening to Elton on repeat since reading the book. Fave songs: Take Me To The Pilot, Original Sin, and Rocketman. I haven't watched the film Rocketman yet but it's on my list!


The Crown

The Crown season 3 cast
Image source: TV Insider

Yeah, I mean who *isn't* obsessed with The Crown at the moment? My friend Clarice got me onto the show when it started ("It's like a proper Downton Abbey"). I binge-watched Seasons one and two in 2017 and have been so excited for season three to commence! I'm only up to episode six, no spoilers please. (Although I suppose spoilers are irrelevant - "Whatever happened to Princess Margaret?"). I love the acting, the lavish sets, the costumes, the sneak peak into the inner workings of The Firm. (Obviously dramatised and fictionalised but still super interesting). I'm also learning a lot more about British history, as I've been reading about all the events portrayed in the show after each episode. Olivia Coleman is amazing! Get on it!

Side notes: Olive Coleman was awesome but completely underused in another favourite of mine, Peep Show. I haven't seen The Favourite yet, but I've got it on DVD and WILL watch it. She really is unstoppable!


Cuckoo (and Greg Davies' telling stories on Graham Norton)

Cuckoo Season 4 cast
Image source: Radio Times

Well I've certainly changed my tune since my last Obsessions post, when I said I didn't like season one of Cuckoo, because I have since smashed through all five seasons! I've recently changed work buildings and have a longer commute and I wanted something to watch that didn't require lots of concentration. Enter Cuckoo! When I first started watching I found the characters unappealing and the stories stupid, but as soon as I realised that it was meant to be absurd, I let go of any expectations of "logic" or "realistic reactions" or "character development" and just enjoyed the bizarre laughs.

Cuckoo's good, but my actual obsession is Greg Davies telling stories on The Graham Norton Show. (NICHE OBSESSION!) He's freaking hilarious and tells the funniest stories. Two of my favourites: here and here. (Warning: it's way too easy to get stuck in a YouTube spiral here).


Pappa Rich Express Breakfast

Pappa Rich Express Breakfast
Pappa Rich Express Breakfast

I love me a Malaysian breakfast, and when I saw the signs at Southern Cross Station for Pappa Rich's breakfast menu, I had to try! I went one morning for kaya toast with Sandra, and even though the kaya toast was waaaay too buttery for my liking, I really enjoyed the whole experience of getting a Malaysian breakfast. The next week I managed to convince some colleagues to come with me and we ordered practically everything on the breakfast menu to share! They're all pretty cheap and decent quality. I think it's a good option if you're a Malaysian feeling a bit homesick, or if you are not Malaysian and just want to try something a little different for breakfast! My faves are the nasi lemak bungkus and the curry puffs.

This also ties into another intense obsession I have right now - kaya toast. There's way too much to include in this post, so keep your eyes peeled for more kaya toast goodness coming up in its very own post(s). Quick preview though: I've been making kaya at home, and just started a little kaya toast series on Instagram.


All Are Welcome

Viennoiserie from All Are Welcome

I've only visited this sweet bakery in Northcote twice so far, but I completely LOVE it. They do excellent viennoiserie with unusual flavour combinations - I've tried a kringle (danish) topped with fresh stracciatella cheese, peaches and wild fennel; a cinnamon and almond morning bun (looked like a cruffin); and a feuilleté filled with a sharp lemonade fruit and juniper curd. They also used to have this hectic pain au chocolat that was oblong shaped and had heaps of chocolate sticks in it, but unfortunately they don't seem to sell that any more. (A shame, because it was so damn good!) The coffee is great and they also bake bread and do these amazing-looking cakes - I will have to try some cake next time!


That's all for today! What's coming up on the blog? Some easy and delicious recipes, our trip to Germany, finishing up the posts from my most recent Paris visit, kaya toast, and I am totally working on my foodie guide to Penang and couldn't be more excited to share it with you! Also: Christmas. Squeeeeee!

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