Weekend in Wilsons Prom

11/21/2016 10:26:00 PM

Wilsons Prom

Back in August we took a little winter getaway to Wilsons Prom. Unlike our usual weekends away, this wasn't just food focussed - it was mainly relaxation with some nice walks thrown in. It's a really beautiful part of the world, and I'm so glad we finally visited!

It's a long drive from Melbourne to Wilsons Prom - about three hours - so we made a little pit stop at the Leongatha KFC for dinner. This was when they had that 20 nuggets for $10 deal. Bargain! So delicious.

20 KFC nuggets for $10

The rest of our dinners were slightly more elegant - we brought groceries with us and cooked dinner in our accommodation. Burgers, salad, corn, that kind of thing!

Dinner in the cabin

We like to use weekends away as an excuse to splurge on some tasty treats, and this time it was champagne, strawberries, Haigh's chocolate-covered nuts, and some Arnott's country cheese crackers. (Incredibly addictive). In terms of salty snacks, I also like Cheds, and I LOVE pizza shapes (old recipe only).


We stayed at Coastal View Cabins, in a very relaxing and well-appointed self-contained cabin, complete with giant spa bath and excellent view.

Hot tub!

So like I said above, this wasn't a particularly food-centric trip, but we did visit a couple of foodie destinations. First up, the Prom Country Farmers Market, in Foster, which is held on the third Saturday of every month, from 8AM to 12noon. I personally find farmers markets in general to be a bit hit or miss, but I really loved this one! It was quite small, but had lots of excellent, interesting stalls. Definitely worth a visit!

Veggie curry puff, coffee

Oak and Swan Sourdough

We left with a good stash of tasty treats! Honey, delicious nut butters from Manna Gum Cottage Bakery, Golden Creek olive oil, a fab loaf of bread from Oak and Swan Sourdough, and a slab of apple strudel from the apple strudel guy!

Haul from the farmers market

On our first afternoon, we'd spent a lot of time walking around Wilsons Prom national park, and by the time we got back into town, all the pubs and cafes were closed. Luckily the bakery in Foster was still open, and we stopped in for some good old-fashioned meat pies.


Foster Bakery


On the drive back home, we had lunch at the Flying Cow Cafe (9 Falls Road, Fish Creek 3959). This is a quirky little cafe, full of cow-related paraphernalia, that serves simple and tasty food. Our lunch of tea, soup, and chilli con carne, was just the ticket after a long morning walking through windy Wilsons Prom!

Chai latte, English breakfast tea

Cream of mushroom soup

Chilli con carne

For the next half of this post, I wanted to show you some of the gorgeous scenery that we saw. Sandra and I aren't really hikers (and certainly not campers), but we did a few walks and saw a lot of beautiful places.

The Big Drift is an extensive series of inland sand dunes. It's a 2km walk from the Stockyard campsite carpark to get there. The walk itself is relatively easy, although there was a steep climb to get from the track to the actual sand dunes. But it was totally worth it! The photos don't do it justice, but the Big Drift was incredibly vast. (N.B. it's really easy to get lost once you're actually there, so be careful!)

The Big Drift

The Big Drift
Here are a couple of pictures from Yanakie, near our accommodation:

Yanakie Beach


This is Squeaky Beach! Apparently the sand actually squeaks when you walk on it, due to ultra-fine quartz sand particles. We couldn't hear any squeaking, but it was still a very nice spot for a visit.

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

Tidal River

And that was our trip to Wilsons Prom! Have you visited before? Do you have any recommendations for walks, accommodation or food in the area? Hit me up in the comments!

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  1. I love the beach in winter. And I love that photo of Yanakie beach! Stunning.

  2. I love your KFC, look yummy, love your fresh strawberries. Thanks for sharing your stunning photos including landscape pics



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