Bon Fromage Festival of Cheese

11/14/2016 06:30:00 PM

*** Edit: (18-Nov-2016) The Bon Fromage Cheese festival has been postponed and won't be on this weekend! Sadface! See European Cheese's Instagram for more details. Hopefully they'll be back next year so we can enjoy the cheesy goodness! ***

Bon Fromage

For all you cheese lovers out there, the Bon Fromage festival of cheese is being held this weekend in Faraday Lane, behind King and Godfrey in Carlton. Entry is free, and will be open to the public this Saturday and Sunday (19-20 November), from 11AM to 7PM. The festival will feature masterclasses, demonstrations, sampling (!) and a cheese market, from some of Melbourne’s favourite purveyors of cheese, including Maker and MongerRichmond Hill LarderShifty ChèvrePidapipoMilk the Cow, and Harper and Blohm.

Bon Fromage is brought to us by the Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Economie Laitière (CNIEL), with the support of the European Union. CNIEL aims to connect young urban consumers around the world with European Cheese and introduce them to the many ways it can be enjoyed. Not a difficult sell!

I was invited to the launch event, and it was a great evening - live music, champagne, prosecco, a Pidapipó gelato cart, and (of course) the most epic, gorgeous spread of European cheeses. Let's take a look!
Bon Fromage

Mauri Taleggio di Grotta DOP

Occelli Testun al Barolo

Langres AOC; Grand export Brie

Bresse Bleu

Bon Fromage

Comte la Couronne

Chaumes Washed Rind, Fourme D'Ambert AOP

Fourme D'Ambert AOP

St Andre triple cream

I tried pretty much all of the cheeses, and I don't want to pick a favourite, but if you twisted my arm... it'd be the incredible St. Andre triple cream. It's 70% fat, which explains the gorgeous buttery mouthfeel. I'd love to buy a huge wedge of this and have it with a lovely champagne for real indulgence!

Fromager D'Affinois, Tremblaye Brie

Bongrain Saint Agur

In addition to cheese, there was a Pidapipó cart, with some lovely cheese flavours - berry and mascarpone, and cinnamon ricotta. I'm not sure if these flavours were one-offs for the festival, or if they're on the permanent menu - I sure hope they're permanent, because they were delicious!

Pidapipó gelato - mascarpone and ricotta

Bon Fromage

Sarah attended the Bon Fromage launch event as a guest

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  1. Heaven!!! I adore cheese and I'm glad that you tried them all because I don't think I could resist either. Research and all ;)



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