The Unblogged Files: September 2013

10/06/2013 02:54:00 PM

Time for my September Unblogged Files!

We had a lovely brunch at The Fair Food Store. Loved the bacon and potato hash with poached egg.

Bacon hash w/ poached egg, manchego cheese & bitter leaves - $17



We had a fantastic weekend away in the Grampians, including the full degustation with matching wines at The Royal Mail Hotel. Blogpost to come, obviously!
Royal Mail Hotel

More visits to Bowery to Williamsburg! I keep making excuses to be down that end of town. In addition to my beloved onion bagel with dill schmear and cold smoked salmon, I've tried soft cheese blintzes (delicious), and my friend Alaina had a pumpernickel fried egg bagel with bacon and prunes. (On reflection, I realise it's been four visits and I've yet to even broach the lunch menu!)
Bowery to Williamsburg

I cooked a gluten-free Chinese dinner for my friend Jess, who loves Chinese food but is a coeliac, and so struggles to eat out. The menu was Taiwanese meat sauce on rice, pork belly and eggplant fan wu cai, as well as soy eggs and blanched Chinese broccoli.
Taiwanese Meat Sauce on Rice, Fan Wu Cai, Soy Eggs, Blanched Chinese broccoli

Dessert was brown sugar meringues, with whipped cream and berries. Luverly!
Brown sugar meringues, whipped cream, berries

Friday night cocktails at Murmur. We got there reasonably early so managed to snag a couch before the crowds descended. The maple old fashioned was all kinds of awesome.
Maple Old Fashioned - maple syrup, orange bitters and whiskey of choice, stirred or "Don Draper" (just a quick shake) - $19

My dad surprised us one weekend with an impromptu Beatrix delivery! Awwww yeah! There's the Elvis cupcake (banana sponge, peanut butter cream cheese icing bacon praline); crème brûlée and strawberry tart; pink grapefruit eclair and a "Whoopi-misu" (whoopie pie with mascarpone filling and espresso cookie crumbs). All stunning! Go Nat!
Beatrix goodies

We had a massive dinner at 12 Chairs Russian restaurant, in Caulfield North. So much food! And it was really good, much better than expected!
Dinner at 12 Chairs

I've been practically living on Victoria street and inhaling Vietnamese iced coffees - two of my favourite restaurants are I Love Pho and Thanh Nga Nine.
Left: I love Pho - Chicken pho, Pork rolls
Right: Thanh Nga 9 - Vegetarian pho, Beef wrapped in betel leaves

I've been loving Jamie Oliver's new show: Save with Jamie, and one night I made his lamb burgers, with cheddar cheese, quick pickled onions and sliced apples. Fantastic! (I put them on Phillippa's mini brioche buns, which looked great but were a bit heavy - normal bread next time!)
Lamb Burgers

We had Simon's Peiking Duck again. Awesome as always!
Mmm... duck.

I had breakfast at Cafe Krimper one morning - their Krimper eggs benedict were pretty awesome! Pulled ham leg, poached eggs and pesto on toast.
Krimper benedict - $17

Finally, I also attended the first birthday of the Meatball and Wine Bar - it was a fun night with a few aperol spritzes and (unsurprisingly) lots of balls! My favourite were the wagyu beef balls with white sauce and edamame. Yummm!
Wagyu beef balls with white sauce and edamame 

Plans for October are to take it easy - entertain a little bit, eating out and the usual! So looking forward to the warmer weather and longer hours now that daylight savings has started!

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  1. The Elvis cupcake looks like a killer! How delicioualy tempting.

  2. What a fantastic array of food. You must have had a very content tummy in September! :D

  3. Sarah, one day we'll have an eating adventure together, won't we? One day?

  4. Oh my mouth is watering looking at this pics! I love your blog, and also very much enjoyed your How to Eat adventure and often refer back to it when cooking a recipe from the book!

  5. Yum, look at all that beautiful food!

    I love Browery to Williamsburg so much - and I've only been there once. Their bagels are fantastic but I can't wait to explore the rest of their breakfast menu.

  6. Gah always love your homecooked meals! The Taiwanese meat sauce looks amazing, and I'm still yet to make eggplant fan wu cai! Must do this soon.

  7. Love love love Beatrix need to go back again been so long! :)



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