Germany 2013: Snapshots

10/13/2013 03:09:00 PM

Here's my last post about our trip to Germany. I've blogged about Germany a zillion times before, so rather than going on about everything in great detail, I just wanted to share some pictures with you. Enjoy! (If you want any more info on any of the pictures, just hit me up in the comments section and I'll do my best to respond!)

View from Cafe Talblick

Lunch at Cafe Talblick: schnitzels, meat platter, spaetzle and more

Dinner at the local Greek restaurant, Paradies


The hottest Currywurst in Ludwigshafen

Crumbed fish, potato salad, remoulade

Lunch at a local family restaurant for Susan's confirmation

Pork schnitzel with potatoes, asparagus and hollandaise sauce at Kreuzhofbauer. Literally the best schnitzel I have ever eaten!

Vintage ads

Different grades of Spargel / asparagus at the Lampertheim market. Well, Lampertheim ist der Spargelstadt!

Sausages being cooked at the local farmer

Freshly made sausages and smallgoods at the local farmer

Homecooked: smoked and natural pork ribs with Sauerbohnen (sour beans)

Rindfleischsuppe mit Dampfnudeln (beef soup with yeast dumplings)

Smoked and natural pork belly, with Sauerbohnen (sour beans), Sauerkraut and mashed potato

Kartoffelso├če - bread dumplings with potato sauce


Ice-cream with chocolate whipped cream

Sahne-Puff (Cream puff),Rahmskuchen (cream cake), Marmorkuchen (marble cake), Apfelkuchen (apple cake)

Prost! Cheers!

If you can't get enough of all things related to German food, or just want to marvel at my incredible consumption of pork and bread, check out my previous posts about Germany!

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  1. Everything looks so delicious! And I'm a big schnitzel and sausage lover too so I'd be in heaven :D

  2. So many chips! lol. I heart German food - so much comfort in all that meat and potato goodness!

  3. I really hope I make it to Germany soon! Everytime I read about your Germany posts it makes me want to immediately jump on a plane and go :) Love all the food and really interested by the bread dumplings!



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