The Pour Kids

3/03/2012 04:42:00 PM

Whilst writing up my 2011 Round Up post, I realised I only blogged two Melbourne cafes last year!  Due to loads of travel and being crazy-busy at work, I tended to stick to my favourites.  I haven't made any resolutions this year, but one thing I want to do a bit more of is to visit new places and try new things.  And with that in mind... I present to you my post on The Pour Kids!

The Pour Kids
1E Winter Street
Malvern VIC 3144
Ph: (03) 9077-3847

It started with a Twitter message.  I can't remember if it was @thepourkids themselves, or someone else, but I remember reading a tweet in my feed mentioning this new cafe.  I promptly checked them out online, realised they're close by, saw that they serve Axil coffee and that they have reasonably priced and cutely-named dishes.  Sold!

We stopped in on a Saturday morning with my cousin Catherine and friends Adrian and Chris - we were going on a road trip to the Mornington Peninsula and wanted a nice substantial breakfast to set us up for the day ahead.  The Pour Kids is just off Glenferrie road in Malvern, right opposite the Coles carpark.  Surprisingly, even though it was a weekend morning, there weren't queues and we were able to get seated and served pretty quickly.

They had quite a few tempting sweets on offer: muffins, brownies, and some cute rectangular financiers (love!), but as I mentioned above, we were after something a bit more filling.  I'll have to pop back in soon for an arvo tea.

Skinny Cappuccino - $3.50
Weak Latte - $3.50

We all ended up ordering different coffees - strong skinny latte, weak skinny latte, weak normal latte, skinny cappuccino blah blah blah - and we had a little chuckle when our waiter brought the first coffee over, simply saying: "Latte?"  And we were all like: "Sorry, which one?", and he had to go back and check.  (Yup, we were one of those tables that I'm sure cafe staff find terribly annoying, hehe!)  Anyway, we all got our coffees in the end and they were all very good.

Three bears out hunting - Rapadura-enriched porridge, with stewed rhubarb+ pistachio praline - $11.50
I ordered the "Three Bears Out Hunting" porridge, which was lovely and creamy, and came with tart rhubarb and crunchy little sweet bursts of pistachio praline.  I really liked it, although I found it quite sweet and rich, and only managed to eat about half of it.  I do love oats, and eat them regularly for breakfast at home, but am used to cooking them in water with just a splash of skim milk and a light sprinkling of sugar to serve.  This was rather an indulgent version!

But if we're talking about indulgent, check out my friend Chris' plate!
The Lego (build-a-breaky) - Two lovely free-range eggs (poached, fried or scrambled), on toasted sourdough bread - $7.50
PLUS Istra bacon - $5.50
PLUS Avocado - $3.00
PLUS Exotic Mushrooms - $4.50
All their eggy breakfasts start with two eggs and toast, and you can add as many sides as you like.  At a $7.50 base price it is quite cheap, but of course can quickly build up if you've got a big appetite!  The avocado normally comes out mashed, but kitchen were able to accommodate a request for the avocado to be sliced - super nice!

Duck season (rabbit season) duck season - Confit duck on ciabatta roll, with spiced quince chutney, petite herbs + shoots - $11.50
The confit duck roll looked quite plain, but was a tasty choice, with a nice earthy spiciness (cinnamon? five-spice?) from the chutney.

French Toast - $14.50
Adrian and Sandra both ordered French toast (I can't find this item on their online menu, so can't share the cute name with y'all).  They both liked it, although Adrian found the toast a bit soggy from the compote, and Sandra said it would have been even nicer with some fresh berries as well.

Adrian has a pretty mega-appetite (and I'm sure those of you who follow his blog would agree!), and he ordered a little hash brown on the side.  It was crispy and fresh - extra points for being made in-house and not bought in!
Hash Brown - $4.00

I think The Pour Kids is definitely one of the better options in the area - great coffee and a varied, interesting menu at good prices.  Especially if you consider the tranche of ridiculously expensive cafes on nearby High street and Malvern road in Armadale!  It was definitely a great find.

You can read Adrian's impressions of The Pour Kids (and four other venues!!) here!

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  1. Omg, that hash brown. I LOVE it when cafes make their own, so sneaky when you get charged like, $4 for one from a packet.

  2. Some of your photos in this post are super skinny (which I'm pretty sure is not intentional?!).

    I've walked past this place before and it was pretty empty but I remember thinking it was such a cute name for a cafe!

  3. Laura - handmade hash browns are soooo much better than packet ones! :)

    April - Hmm they look normal on my laptop screen, perhaps it's your phone or computer screen? The cafe is pretty good, I'd recommend popping in! :)

  4. When you're next in New Zealand, and have a morning in Auckland - got to HQ - it's in the Viaduct, in the city.... could get you actual address if you ever need it.
    They're famous for their hash browns. They're incredible. Homemade of course, but just.... awesome.

  5. When you're next in New Zealand, and have a morning in Auckland - got to HQ - it's in the Viaduct, in the city.... could get you actual address if you ever need it.
    They're famous for their hash browns. They're incredible. Homemade of course, but just.... awesome.

  6. C - Thanks for the tip! :)

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