Canberra 2011: Lonsdale Street Roasters

1/12/2012 05:22:00 PM

Lonsdale Street Roasters
3/7 Lonsdale St 
Braddon ACT 2612
Ph: (02) 6156 0975

Next up on our three-day eat-a-thon in Canberra was Lonsdale Street Roasters, a funky, Melbourne-style coffee house in Braddon.  (It's just a couple of doors down from Italian and Sons!)  It was very busy on the Saturday morning we were there, with customers spreading out onto the pavement and a constant queue for takeaway.

Apart from some pastries and other sweet treats in the cabinet, the menu includes a range of toasted panini, and breakfast items, like toast, banana bread, waffles and muesli.

For a cafe that roasts its own beans in-house, the coffee was as good as you'd expect - strong but not bitter, with the milk heated to a pleasing temperature.  And I thought the teapots were very cute too!

Pretty pot

Raspberry Danish

Homemade muesli with seasonal fruit - $7
I ordered the muesli, which I had assumed would be bircher style, but was actually toasted muesli.  I normally don't eat toasted muesli as it's super-fattening for something that seems so healthy, but it was a tasty brekky nonetheless.  Our waitress suggested I add some sugar syrup which was sitting on the table in a glass bottle - I didn't bother though, as the muesli was sweet enough, and the bottle looked pretty grotty, with loads of white sugar syrup encrusted on the outside.  Before she'd explained what it was, I actually thought it was an old dirty candle holder, oops!

While munching through the muesli, I was wondering if I would have been better off, calorie-wise, if I'd just ordered a serve of banana bread.  (I remember seeing toasted mueslis that were 25% fat!)  Nutritionally-minded people, any insights into which might have been the better option?

I'm sure that we can all agree, however, that An's selection of a massive bacon, egg, tomato and spinach panini was the least healthy of the lot!  Mmm... bacon.
Toasted Panini - scrambled egg, Kevin bacon, tomato - $11

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  1. I keep meaning to visit this place, but have yet to do so... and I live in Canberra and LOVE coffee! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I've heard so much about this place, but don't tend to head over Braddon-way for breakfast or coffee. I prefer meeting in one of our lovely suburban cafes with couches I can snuggle down into for long chats with friends :)



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