Nigella Lawson's Garlic and Parsley Hearthbreads

11/23/2011 07:34:00 PM

I wanted a hearty accompaniment for a simple spaghetti bolognese, but wanted something a little more special than a squidgy frozen loaf from the supermarket.  So I rolled up my sleeves and whipped up Nigella's garlic and parsley hearthbreads.  The more eagle-eyed among you will notice that I have made this before, seven years and a day ago, in fact!  After all that time, I think it's due for a repeat, don't you?

The recipe comes from Nigella's lovely book, How to be a Domestic Goddess, which I adore for its delicious recipes, understated photography and its deadpan humour.  (This was years before the bright colours and silly names from Nigella Express: "Go Get 'Em Smoothie", "No Worries Chocolate Mousse" etc.)

The dough is a standard white-flour yeast dough, with a bit of olive oil and salt added.  It's topped with a mixture of roasted garlic, parsley and olive oil.  I added fresh oregano as well, because I had some and because I love it!

I didn't think we'd get through 8 hearthbreads with dinner, so I made half the dough into little football bread roll shapes to eat later!

With the garlic paste spread on top...

And fresh out of the oven...

The next day, I defrosted some feta-stuffed Frikadellen for dinner, but instead of eating it with potatoes and gravy, I made myself a mini burger.  I halved and toasted one of the bread rolls, spread it with some of the leftover garlic paste, and topped it with the Frikadelle and some curry ketchup.

Mini-burger! Super cute!

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  1. Nice buns ;) haha. Love how you just whip up bread to go with your pasta. Its so simple, I really should do it but Im too lazy haha. Great job!

  2. Hehe Nic, I love a good bun pun!



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