Germany 2011: Spanferkel, or "Pig on a Spit"

9/25/2011 10:35:00 PM

In Germany, the culinary event about which I was most excited was definitely Spanferkel, or suckling pig.  Sandra's uncle Reiner (the mushroom man) built the rotisserie himself!  How cool is that?!

We rocked up to Reiner's house in the afternoon, finding delicious smoky smells and the following marquee set up in the backyard.  Squee!!

The marquee
The meat had been injected with a saline solution to keep it moist, and hung for a few days before cooking.  It took about six hours in total to cook.  The pig was rotating slowly the whole while, gently cooking in the heat of the wood fire.

It got sprayed with beer throughout the cooking process, to stop the skin from burning before it was cooked all the way through.

Hehe... how many Germans does it take to roast a pig?

"I built that"

And finally, it was time to eat!

One of Reiner's friends is a professional butcher, who broke down the pig in no time!

The meat was super tender, and really tasty - I loved it!

Now, meat is great, but so are salads!  (You can see my beer and my plate of food on the bottom of the table.)

Top row: Carrot Salad; Potato Salad
Middle row: Pasta Salad; Pea & Leek Salad
Bottom row: Spaghetti Salad; Pear, Avocado and Sunflower Salad
It was all so delicious!  And there was sooo much food - there were about 20 guests and there were still heaps of leftovers!

We'd brought some desserts as well: Käsekuchen (made by Sandra's mum)...
... and a sunken apple cake (made by me!)
Apple Cake

It was a wonderful smoky, meaty, beer-filled afternoon. A perfect relaxing day!

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  1. Looks like a great time was had by all Sarah!
    I'm gonna have to show my husband this post, he would be so impressed with the spit AND the pig!

  2. LOVE pig on a spit! What a great day with great friends and a delicious spread!

  3. It's definitely NOT the case that the only Käsekuchen I had in Berlin came from McDonalds.


  4. @Anna - Thanks! I'm the least handy person I know, I was so impressed with the spit!

    @Nic - So delicious! It was such a lovely sunny day too.

    @Hannah - :)

    xox Sarah

  5. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Looks Delicious!! :)


  6. This is insanely mouth-watering YUUUUUM... I wonder when's the next time I can have pig on a spit again... Aihhh... Nice one! =)



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