Germany 2011: Ice-Cream

9/24/2011 01:07:00 AM

Krokant Becher - 4,20€
A picture-heavy post for your blog-reading enjoyment today - all about the lovely ice-creams we enjoyed whilst in Germany.  I've found that there are two things that German people miss when they're away from home: bread, and ice-cream.  The Germans really have a way with ice-creams, and enjoy them in a way we don't seem to here.  Not only do they have more family ice-cream parlours, but they have so many different fun types of sundaes and flavours - for an ice-cream lover like me, it was heaven! Most of our visits were to Eis Oberfeld, Lampertheim's oldest and most popular Eiscafe.  With the lovely warm weather, it seemed that every other day we'd find ourselves in line for a 2€ cup of mixed flavours, or perhaps a Schwarzwald Becher or Spaghetti-Eis when we were in the mood for something a bit different.

Eis Oberfeld
Neue Schulstrasse. 5,
68623 Lampertheim
Ph: 06206 2413

Cute! I love the Eis-mobile!
The menu of sundaes... I spent a lot of time on my vacation staring at this very wall trying to decide what I'd order...
Outdoor seating...
If you're getting a Becher (cup), you simply choose your size, and then you're allowed to choose as many flavours as you like!  My favourites included sour cherry, walnut, chocolate and Snickers!  They've also got funky flavours like Käsekuchen (cheesecake) and Griesspudding (semolina pudding).
1€ Becher
Spaghetti-Eis - 4€
I've told you about Spaghetti-Eis before, that surprisingly delicious dessert of spaghetti-like strands of vanilla ice-cream, piped over globules of whipped cream, and topped with raspberry sauce and white chocolate flakes.  So good! They also do takeaways: you order your ice-creams, they place them on a little cardboard tray with plastic spoons and waffles, then loosely wrap it up in paper for you to take home.  I was so paranoid they'd melt or spill, but they were usually fine for the short drive home, and only occasionally a little squished on the top.
Banana split!
Bananen-Split 4.50€
What a treat! I hadn't eaten bananas in months due to the incredible prices. Even more of a treat when accompanied by vanilla, chocolate and banana ice-creams, then doused in whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Iced coffee!  This is seriously my type of iced coffee.  Three generous scoops of vanilla ice-cream, topped with strong black coffee and a huge squirt of whipped cream.
Eiskaffee - 3.80
The next two ice-creams aren't from Oberfeld, but rather an Eiscafe in nearby Bürstadt... first up is another Spaghetti-Eis, this time made with chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce.
And a pretty double-scoop with a lovely swirl of whipped cream.  From memory there was hazelnut and mango in this one!
And finally I just wanted to show y'all the ice-creams we bought from Oberfeld and brought home on our last night in Germany - four different cups and a little extra Becher of insanely delicious chocolate whipped cream. Lecker lecker!

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  1. Yes - Germans and their ice cream - one of the perks of having a German partner is that we can visit them often!

    We must have explored all the Eiscafes while living in Berlin.

  2. so, you had just a few ice creams huh? :) Germany looks like it was great fun and you got in lots of food! Wooh!



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