Nigella Lawson's Devil's Food Cake

7/23/2011 11:36:00 AM

I know, I know.  It's a huge icing-to-cake ratio.  But don't judge me - love me! Or rather, love Nigella's Devil's Food Cake.

I actually made this the same night I baked the chocolate mudcake slab for the infamous Shoe Cake.  I knew I wouldn't be able to eat any because it all had to go into the shoe, and I did not want to spend the night baking without a chocolatey reward at the end!  I'd had my eye on Nigella's Devil's Food Cake ever since I got Kitchen, and since I had all the ingredients in the pantry, I knew it was time.  (It was a weeknight, but that's just how I roll - hardcore late-night baker, hehehe!)

The original recipe is a double-decker sandwich cake, (in the style of Nigella's chocolate fudge cake, or her malteaser cake), but I halved the recipe, making a single 20cm round layer.  For some reason, whenever I bake in my non-stick sandwich tins, the batter rises really unevenly, with such a huge dome that I can't slice it flat without wasting half the cake.  Has anyone got any tips for getting my cakes to rise evenly?

Of course, the uneven rising isn't really a big deal unless you're actually making a double-layered cake, so I left my humped cake as it was and splodged the icing on top.  And before you ask - yes, I did halve the icing quantities as well.  The recipe is just very generous with its amounts!

The icing was so luscious and smooth, with a serious dark chocolate hit, and the cake itself was incredibly moist - just fabulous.  I think it's my new favourite chocolate cake.  (Usurping, or perhaps tying with, Nigella's chocolate fudge cake, and her quadruple chocolate loaf cake).  I loved it so much that I made it again, in full quantities, a mere four days later, for my friend Kristine's birthday party.  Delicious!

The recipe is available here, on Enjoy!

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  1. Nigella knows her chocolate cake, that's for sure. I think nothing could top the Guinness cake but this one does look pretty lovely.

    I've heard that making a swirl in the mixture with your finger (or a knife, for hygiene's sake lol) before putting it in the oven helps, I'm not sure if it works but might be worth a shot.

  2. you sure do love nigella eh. :)

  3. your cake sure looks really fudgy and sooo chocolatey! Have you tried cake strips? You can improvise one by wrapping cloth around your cake tin, this ensures even baking :)

  4. I have the same issue with uneven rising in the cake. I don't know how to fix it either.

    I'm sold on this cake if you say it's the best one. That Chocolate Fudge one you make is already amazing so I'm going to give this, and the fudge one, a try.



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