Bill Granger's Banana Bread, part 2

4/08/2011 06:25:00 PM

Bill Granger's Banana Bread
Bear with me as I take a slight pause from all my Barossa posts, to share with you a little something I baked on the weekend: Bill Granger's fabulous banana bread.  I have written about it before, (exactly 3 years and a month ago!), but there's no harm in reminding you how good it is.  I know bananas are more expensive than gold now, but when I was cleaning out the freezer on Sunday morning, I discovered eight frozen bananas. EIGHT!  Lucky me.

I happened to have all the other ingredients lying in the pantry, so I set aside the cleaning and quickly started baking!

I did publish the recipe here, but in short it's a very simple muffin-style recipe: you take the dry ingredients and stir them into the wet ingredients.  I don't have a mini-loaf tin at my new place, so I used a normal big loaf tin.  These would be perfect as muffins too.  For some crunch and fun, (and because I had them in the cupboard), I also added a cup of walnuts.

Just an hour or so in the oven, and there she is!  Mmm... beautiful.

I had a nice slice with a cup of tea - delicious!  I love the contrast between soft fluffy interior, and crunchy edges.  I used regular-sized milk chocolate chips this time (not the mega-sized hexagonal Lindt piccoli pieces I used last time), so they were a little less crazily indulgent.

I gave half the loaf to my parents, had a piece for breakfast at work the next day, and sliced up the rest and stashed it in the freezer.  That way I'll have access to chocolatey-nutty-banana-bread goodness any time I want! Hooray!

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  1. I haven't made banana bread for ages and I have bananas in the freezer - might remedy that this weekend. The idea of having slices of banana bread stashed in the freezer is just too tempting...

  2. oh i have 2 bananas that are browning in my fruit bowl at the moment ready for some banana bread action. Crazy how banana bread is such a pricey thing at the moment. Even at the work cafe they have switched to date bread now, not that I am complaining!



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