Barossa's Table: Lyndoch Hill Restaurant

4/15/2011 11:03:00 PM

Phew, tenth post of my Barossa's Table series, and I'm only up to my third dinner!  Let's keep plowing on through, shall we?

Lyndoch Hill Restaurant
Corner of Barossa Valley Way & Hermann Thumm Drive
Lyndoch SA 5351
Ph: (08) 8524-4268

For our third evening, Jaci suggested Lyndoch Hill restaurant.  It wasn't on the original itinerary, but when a previously arranged activity at a different venue fell through, she thought I would enjoy a nice dinner at Lyndoch Hill.  It was about half an hour from my accommodation on Seppeltsfield road.  I drove there by myself, through unlit, winding country roads, almost constantly referring to the GPS.  (I am such a city slicker!)  Boy, was I glad when I saw that big, shining beacon on top of the hill!

The inside of the restaurant has a slightly retro feel - almost like a wedding reception centre - but the food is definitely modern, with fresh and local ingredients treated in a haute-cuisine manner.  Service was efficient and friendly - our lovely waitress that evening was actually a full-time teacher who waits tables in the evenings, and she clearly loved her second job!

It was very quiet that night - apart from our table of 3, there were only two other tables occupied.  I think that most locals don't go out much during the week.

I know the following plate of bread looks rather meagre, but I assure you there was more bread on this plate when it was brought out!  I only remembered to take a photo after we'd already eaten a few pieces.

Before our meals, we were treated to a little warm amuse bouche, like a seafood bisque in a shot glass.
Seafood Amuse Bouche
Jaci ordered the soup of the day - a hearty vegetable soup.
Vegetable Soup
Incidentally, I find it very challenging to photograph soup attractively - fellow food bloggers, any tips?

No such issues with Alex's entree: cured ocean trout with a touch of dill and mustard.  Lovely!
Ocean trout with mustard dressing, dill crème freche (sic), lemon - $15.90

Roasted pigeon, corn puree, popcorn, buckwheat - $17.00
My entree of roasted pigeon was a delicious, well-executed contrast of textures and flavours.  Tender pieces of pigeon meat sat atop incredibly rich, buttery quenelles of smooth corn puree, with added crunch from roasted buckwheat and popcorn.  The sweet corn puree contrasted beautifully with a deeply savoury jus, generously portioned in a little jug!

Jaci had the very light cured ocean trout for her main ( a good strategy for those who dine out regularly for work!), whilst Alex and I both went for heavier meat dishes.

Kapunda Chevron braised goats shoulder with a rich jus, salsa verde, lentils - $34.00
I almost never eat goat, so it was quite a treat to order it!  Here, the goat was slowly braised until meltingly tender, and served with lentils and a super-smooth and creamy mash.  The only complaint was that I found the sauce way too salty, so much so that I had to scrape it off in order to enjoy the meat.

Alex went for a more classic dish - black angus sirloin on mash with mustard cream sauce.  Beautiful, isn't it!
Barossa black angus sirloin on a creamy mash with a shallot & parley salad finished with a mustard cream - $36.00
We also shared a couple of sides, both of which were fabulous.
Greens beans, orange and almond brown butter sauce - $8.00
The green beans were cooked until tender but not limp, with crunchy fresh almonds and a light brown butter sauce. The brown butter added a nutty flavour, echoing the almonds, without even a touch of greasiness.  Lovely!

We also ordered couscous, studded with raisins and pumpkin seeds.  Y'all know I loved this!  (I adore pilafs and couscous dishes), especially with the added sweetness of dried fruit!  I simply must try to make this one at home! 
Cous cous, raisin, pumpkin seed, lemon, parsley salad - $8.00

We were much too full to order dessert, but the following little pre-dessert of sago, rhubarb and a coconut granita was a wonderful way to finish off the meal.

Sarah dined at Lyndoch Hill Restaurant as a guest of Tourism Barossa, as part of the prize for winning the Barossa's Table competition.

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  1. What a great finish to the sago! It's light and goes with anything! What a treat and their use of popcorn is quite snazzy!

  2. Looks like a lovely restaurant. I love it when you get amuse bouche's too.



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