Ricotta Waffles

12/25/2010 11:49:00 PM

Mmm... waffles!
For our Christmas morning breakfast, I'd planned to make ricotta hotcakes.  I'd bought ricotta and berries in advance, but those plans were all thrown out the window when I unwrapped this gift...

Ooh.. shiny!

Ta-dah! My dad got me a new waffle iron!  We've had an old Breville one at my parents' house, but it's quite old, and only has small indentations, so the waffles it makes are quite thin, and are hard all the way through by the time they're crispy on the outside.  And I prefer them fluffy!  We had a great industrial waffle maker at this restaurant where I used to work (we made waffles to order for the arvo tea buffet), which was huge, had deep indentations and got super hot - perfect for fluffy waffles with crispy edges and heaps of room for the all-important syrup to pool!  But, it also weighed about a zillion kilos, so definitely not good for home use.  But now I have my own waffle iron!  It's a Cuisinart, that the lady at the shop recommended.  It has pretty big indentations, and makes 4 square waffles at a time.

My go-to waffle recipe is from the Roux Brothers (the one I use to make my beloved Taiyaki), but I didn't want my ricotta to go to waste, so I got a-Googling, and found this recipe for ricotta waffles, from the Cook Almost Anything blog.  The batter only took about 5 minutes to mix together - easy peasy.

When using a waffle iron, I always find it a bit tricky to get the right amount of batter.  The instruction book says "a scant 2 cups", but I was a bit afraid of leakage, so I went very scant.  The first batch of waffles looked like this... D'oh!

With this waffle iron, I think you also have to spread out the batter yourself, rather than letting the lid squish it to the edges.  It didn't seem to spread out very much.  Oh well, I guess I better practise making more waffles! Hehehe.

But anyhoo, once they were flipped over and showered with a snowy dusting of icing sugar they looked fine.  More than fine, in fact!

It only took 2 rounds to cook up all the batter - a lot faster than using my old, smaller iron.  This means faster waffle gratification!

Today's accompaniments were maple syrup, some fabulous raspberries, some blueberries (healthy healthy, right?) and the rest of the ricotta.

Yum yum

I quite liked the recipe, especially the chunky bits of ricotta that were inside the fluffy dough.

I don't know if I'd go out of my way to buy ricotta for waffles again, as I'm sure normal waffle dough would be delicious too.  Cindy from Where's the Beef made some delicious-looking vegan Rum-Banana Waffles recently.  In fact, it was her post that got me thinking that I really wanted my own waffle iron, one with nice deep indentations.  (Their one is a Sunbeam, which makes me think that it's not necessarily the brand that's important, but the shape and size of the cooking plates that affect the finished product).  I'd like to try making pumpkin waffles (like my previous pumpkin scones, and pumpkin pancakes), or even chocolate waffles for a decadent dessert.  Watch this space...

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  1. Now I really want 1 too!!!! Should Make another trip to Doncaster Westfield and get 1 too??? Hmmmm

  2. Yay! The first batch is bound to look a little weird, but I'm sure you've got lots of great waffling times ahead. :-)

  3. Oh, swoony mcswoon swoon! I tried to make my Christmas breakfast exciting by topping my porridge with peanut butter chips and nutella, but even that had nothing on your crispy, fluffy, sweet waffles. Hurrah for perfect presents!

  4. I WANT THAT WAFFLE IRON! And I look forward to breakfast on New Year's now ;)

  5. Cityw - Hehe yay! I'm pretty happy with this waffle iron. And Doncaster Westfield wasn't too busy today.

    Cindy - I sure do! I'm off to read your post on chocolate beer waffles now!

    Hannah - I think peanut butter chips and porridge sounds like a pretty good combination! My dad always ate his porridge with condensed milk. :)

    Sophia - Dammit, I was gonna make a triple cheese and onion strata! Now I guess I'll *have* to make waffles again. :)

    xox Sarah

  6. What a great Christmas brekkie - or any lazy Sunday brekkie for that matter really. Yummo!

  7. Alida8:59 AM

    do you by chance have the Roux Bros recipe.... thats what I am trying to track down :)



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