4/04/2010 02:39:00 PM

Friday night's dinner of pochachoes was so terribly low-brow that I wasn't even going to post about it. Of course I took pictures of it, but then felt that no-one would possibly be interested and decided not to blog it. But after I mentioned it in my previous post, and on Facebook, people kept asking me, "What are pochachoes?"

So here goes. Let's just not tell the cool kids, ok?

Drumroll please....

Pochachoes = NACHOES + but with POTATO WEDGES instead of corn chips.

*Ta Dah!*

I got the idea when Sandra & I went for dinner at Taco Bill a couple of months ago, (again, let's not tell the cool kids!), and I saw "Pochachoes" on the menu. I was most intrigued, but it seemed just a bit too heavy as a starter, especially with enchiladas to follow!

Finally on Friday night I satisfied my pochacho curiosity.

Oven-baked wedges... covered in grated cheese...

And on the side... sour cream, hot salsa and 1/2 a muushed up avocado.

It was really, really delicious. Pocha....choes!

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  1. You are correct this isn't a flashy dish. However I am sure it tastes great. We all need little gems like this in our cooking repertoire for nights in front of the TV with a DVD on.

  2. something that I need now. lazy couch tele day.

  3. Brilliant! And I may be in the minority, but sometimes I think I love seeing "low-brow" dishes on blogs more than the epic, awe-inspiring dishes.

    It makes me feel better, in the way those "Stars: They're Just Like You!" tabloid shots of celebrities getting petrol never manage to do...

  4. Pochachoes! I like it!

  5. Oh they have a name!! We make these sometimes when we seriously can't be bothered and wanting something tasty.

    I usually do them with roast potato or even just plain chips. The good bits are the toppings and at home you don't have to skimp hehe :-D

  6. Anonymous3:50 PM

    oh GENIUS idea!! anything mexican is a winner for me!

  7. That is the BEST idea EVER.

  8. yay for all that cheese. You could almost do a quattro formaggi pochachoes! If you happen to do this...I expect an invite! :)



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