Good morning!

7/14/2008 05:40:00 PM

Good morning all...

Sorry for the late posting. I started a new accounting course today and was out of the house, and away from my computer. (I know, what great timing, huh?) Funnily enough, I felt disgustingly hungover even though I didn't have a single drop of alcohol last night! Must be this stupid cold.

I wanted to tell you all that the party was a big success!!! We all had a great time, there was heaps of food, and despite some huge dramas, the croquembouche managed to (just) hold together for the whole evening. My balls went down very well. (Ooh, cheeky!) I have never seen my house that crowded! Fun, fun fun.

Anyway, while I'm going through the photos from last night, please enjoy this photo of my breakfast. It was quiet, the kitchen was clean, and I was totally relaxed. I had one leftover raspberry frangipane tartlet, one chocolate choux ball, and a madeleine with a cup of tea. Perfection.

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  1. Highway robbery Sarah, hungover and not even the benefit of a big night before!!! I know how you feel I had a lovely dinner out at friends and could not drink because I was taxi for my youngest daughter, I too was robbed!!! V x

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    I'm surprised you're not in some sort of therapy after your amazing effort! Glad to see you chipper and chatty, though sorry to hear about the seedy feeling.

  3. Congratulations on a FAB party, Sarah!!! So impressive! I'm glad you were able to enjoy some delicious leftovers in a clean kitchen!

  4. Sounds like the ultimate breakfast. Glad to hear the party went well :) :) :)

  5. Thank-you everyone!

    Vida - We've got lots of alcohol leftover... so once I'm feeling better I might have a little celebratory drink with the family!

    xox Sarah



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