Bill Granger

Oh... my... God...

2/29/2008 11:38:00 PM

Watching re-runs of Bill Granger's 2004 series, bills food, late at night on the Lifestyle Channel, I have realised the following:

1. Bill's kitchen, circa 2004, is made up of 80% Mud Ceramics. Mud Ceramics is a Sydney-based company who create incredibly beautiful, delicate and expensive handmade ceramics from Limoges porcelain. I have been wanting these gorgeous plates ever since I saw them in the shops from around mid-2007, but have never been able to bring myself to pay $60 for a dinner plate. Bill uses his Mud bowls for everything - for mixing batters, baking puddings, whisking up dressings, whatever. You have no idea how jealous I am. My dream bowls are Bill's everyday knockabout bowls!!!

(These days, you can't open an Australian Gourmet Traveller or a Vogue Entertaining and Travel without a million Mud pieces staring back at you. Looks like Bill was way ahead of the trend.)

2. Bill's outfits match his kitchen. And I'm pretty sure it's not an accident.

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  1. "2. Bill's outfits match his kitchen. And I'm pretty sure it's not an accident."


    It *is* gorgeous stuff. I have never quite got into Bill, I think I was put off by his "bills food" book title lacking in an apostrophe...

  2. No accident Sarah, lots of stylistic people doing his work for him... if you are at the gig on Monday we must catch up for a chat and coffee... Vida x x x

  3. Laura - You won't believe how much the lack of apostrophe irritates me too! I am a stickler for grammar. However, the recipes are really good, so I look past the lack of apostrophes, hehe.

    Vida - see you then!

    xox Sarah

  4. The 'look at my perfect life' thing irritates me quite a lot but that's mostly horrible jealousy! Anyway, now I want those plates too - might have to look into UK stockists so I can torture myself!



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