2008 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

2/20/2008 09:23:00 PM

Hey hey!

It looks like it's that time of year again - the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is back on. It starts this Friday, 22nd February and runs 'til the 8th of March. I only managed to go to one event last year, Indulgence Day, and would have loved to see a bit more.

Food bloggers and readers (bloggees?) will be interested to hear that this year's food media discussion, Out of the Frying Pan, will include online trends and blogs! Wahey! I think it's awesome that bloggers are included in this event (because we rock).

Anyone interested in food media, trends and food blogging should check it out! Ed from Tomato and Matt Preston are giving the first 20 bloggers who advertise the event a free ticket. Have a look at Ed's blog for the details. For those of you who miss out, or are sadly blog-less, tickets can be bought here.

For fellow Melbournians - who's heading to the festival this year? Which events are you interested in?

xox Sarah

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  1. We'll be heading to Fed Square on Saturday to check out the Taste of Slow stalls, and have a booking for a $30 set lunch next week.

    I must admit that I'm really not committed enough to elite food talk to bother with any of the $100+ sessions going on.

  2. Sarah, it's thanks to you and AOF emailing me that we got the offer which is great.

    Cindy, I don't think us bloggers are trying to be elitist just trying to preach the blog gospel to people who are sucked into flash books and flash websites with annoying music. It all came about because people (mainly writers) at these discussions kept bagging bloggers and they've included us this year. Write a post and you could also come for free. I think you are a good example of a niche blog with your spin on vegetarianism.

  3. Ed, I certainly didn't mean to imply that any bloggers are elitist, particularly here in Melbourne. :-) I think that having a decent contingent of them up front and in the audience at this event is a much-needed injection of the punters' perspective.

    My reaction is based on the festival guide: it may be the publicists' pitch rather than the actual guests but I couldn't find anything in there that I, as a keen home cook and budget diner, could relate to or get excited about.

  4. I agree with Cindy; the programme content seems a bit too posh (i.e. expensive!!!) for me. None of the food events really interested me.

    The events that I'm keen on are the talks, like the Out of the Frying Pan event, and the (free!) spoken word talks on sustainability and ethics this weekend at Fed Square.

    But you know, if I had a few hundred dollars and heaps of time to splash about I'd probably check out the Last Supper Dinner and maybe the Masterclasses.

    xox Sarah

  5. Cindy/Sarah
    I'm the same. I've only really been to events that friends organised - a pinot dinner and the Queen Vic hawker market. Apart from that I end up at a few media events for work. I'm going to the Last Supper launch but will probably leave early after standing around with a glass of water trying to find anybody I know.

  6. Ed! I am shocked!

    At least make it champagne!

    xox Sarah



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