Germany 2007

Ich bin in Deutschland!

12/21/2007 07:06:00 PM

Hello All,

I am in Germany!! I arrived 2 days ago, after 24 solid hours of travelling. Despite some ridiculous excess baggage charges on the way over, (who knew cheap clothing could weigh so much?), I am happy and settled in. I'll be staying in the Hesse region for 6 weeks, with my friend Sandra and her family.

Please be patient while I sort through the hundreds and hundreds of photos I took in Japan, (and adjust to the sub-zero temperatures!), and enjoy some photos of the first couple of meals I had here!

xox Sarah

Looks so wrong, tastes so right. My first meal in Germany, fresh off the plane. Real German Brot with fleischkaese, salami and leberwurst. Yum.

The bread rolls you see in the first photo became breakfast, served with a selection of cold cuts, butter, cherry jam, nutella, cheese, and honey.

A hot German lunch. Bratwurst! Served with boiled potatoes, gravy and creamed cauliflower.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 PM


    Enjoy your stay! Great to see some authentic food! ciao, frances

  2. Yum! Looks like the ultimate German table set-up there! I just want to reach in and take a bite of that brot und leberwurst!
    You kind of need a beer there, too. Enjoy!! (I hope some of those clothes you paid to tote have expandable waistlines.)

  3. oooooo I'm jealous! All that processed meat! Something the Germans seem to do exceedingly well.

    You'll have to bring me home some sausage. lol




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