Germany 2008: Christmas Dinner

12/26/2007 03:29:00 AM

WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! I woke up to this view on the morning of the 24th. Beautiful, isn't it! Apparently it's only a light covering of snow, but it was good enough for me!

In Germany, Christmas is celebrated on the 24th, and is followed by 2 more days of Christmas. For dinner on the first day of Christmas, we headed over to Grandma's house and enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner with the extended family.

Pute. (Turkey. massive, and basted in beer).
Soße. Gravy.
Rotkraut. Red cabbage. How I love red cabbage!
My plate, including 2 types of potato dumplings: Kartoffelknödel and Semmelknödel.

Lebkuchen mousse.
Espresso mousse. This had small amaretti biscuits studded within, which softened and melded fabulously with the mousse.

So, knocked out by an incredible amount of food, we retired upstairs to the TV room, drinking drachenglut (dragon blood wine) deep into the night, and watching a Spice Girls special on Uncle Reiner's satellite. Wunderbar.

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  1. Amazing photos - Germany looks magical and so does the food. What a way to spend Christmas. Funnily enough, we had the same Spice Girls show here in NZ...



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