Bill Granger

Hot Chocolate Puddings

7/16/2007 07:24:00 PM

I have been craving hot chocolate puddings all winter long. I even bought those fab little Pillivuyt pyramidal soufflé dishes-cum-condiment dishes for that express purpose. Before tonight, they had been relegated to the far less glamarous task of housing condiments, and also the bizarrely appealing (yet totally weather-inappropriate) American chocolate pudding. Tonight, finally, I fulfilled the destinies of the Pillivuyt dishes, and made some hot chocolate puddings.

The particular recipe I used was from Bill Granger's Every Day, but almost any recipe book published within the last 10 years should have a similar recipe. Ditto pretty much every food magazine published within the winter months. I'm not kidding. Hot molten chocolate puddings are very, very popular. They usually comprise beaten eggs and sugar, to which you add melted chocolate and butter, and a touch of flour, to stabilise. Easy!

Bill's recipe is made to fill 2 250ml ramekins, and needs 10 minutes in the oven. My little dishes are a bit smaller, so I got 4 out of the mixture. I still baked them for the full 10 minutes, because I am not a fan of the still-liquid centre; photogenically appealling though they may be, they are sometimes just too rich for me and can be distinctly unpleasant when they get stuck in the back of your throat. Tonight, I felt that a firmer-baked spongy centre was definitely the way forward. (Click here for a successful soft-centred chocolate pudding... and here for one that was a touch too rich).

Bill's puddings were just as good as I had hoped, and, with a generous dollop of cream, were just the thing to satisfy my chocolate-pudding craving.

It is significant that the same friend who specifically requested that I make the cold American chocolate pudding wolfed down two of the hot-chocolate puddings before I'd even put my camera down.

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  1. They look amazing I got Everyday last week - I can't wait to try these.

  2. Gaaaaaaaaa!! Another salivating moment... They look delicious!!
    Must try Bills recipe... Im dying to eat one of his restaurants!!

  3. Hey Anthony!

    Thank-you! Those puddings were great. You have to go to his cafes next time you're up in Sydney, they're brilliant! I'm sure you'd love them.

    I did some posts on his cafes the last time I was in Sydney, click on my Bill Granger tag, or type "bills" into the blogger search function on my page to have a look!

    xox Sarah

  4. I must try it too. I love the last shot, nothing left to be scraped off, a very good sign!



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