Bill Granger

Good Morning!

7/14/2007 11:20:00 PM

Welcome to a Sunday breakfast, Sarah style. Last Sunday was the first time in ages that the whole family was home, so I made a special breakfast.

We had...

1 large pot of freshly brewed coffee (see large silver pot above)...

1 loaf of the best sourdough bread, from Brioche by Phillip...

6 free-range eggs from the egg stall at the Victoria Market, scrambled the Bill Granger way (i.e. lots of cream)... as you can see, they were slightly dry. But still good!

6 rashers of bacon, also from the Victoria Market, fried in my carbon steel pan for that authentic crispy texture...

1 already-peeled pineapple, which we sliced and artfully arranged with a peeled mandarin, some lovely sweet grapes and a lemon half... I like to call this my hommage to the 80's.

And here is the frypan that made it all happen. Greasy food is good for the seasoning process, I'm told, so it was absolutely necessary that we have fried bacon for breakfast. Yes. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it).

If only every morning could be a Sunday morning...

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  1. Bread from Brioche by Phillip is fantastic! Since I don't live down that end of town, I often buy bread from Babka or Dench! Delicious!

  2. I would be so pleased to be presented with this feast on a weekend morning!

  3. OK, as an American, I get the chocolate pudding, but what kind of bacon is that? Looks soooo yummy.

  4. Thanks everybody!

    Magpie, I don't think it's a special type of bacon; I just bought what they had at the shops, lol. I think it's called streaky bacon (i.e. lots of fat) so it gets nice and crispy, which is really good for breakfast.

    xox Sarah

  5. Ah -- American bacon is different I think.

  6. It's midnight and I'm feeling peckish. Looking at your pictures is utter cruelty to my stomach. HAHAHAHA :)

    Oh, bacon... *drools



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