Polish Festival

11/20/2006 10:27:00 PM

Here are the photos from the Polish Festival at Federation Square on Sunday.

Polish Donut!

I got a paczki (pronounced "ponchki") donut. It's filled with powidla (plum jam) and has a lemon sugar glaze on it. Fabulous!

Inside a polish donut

If you missed the festival, fear not, because these fabulous donuts are available at Monarch cake shop on Acland street all year round.

The festival was really crowded, with loads of patriotic Polish people dressed in white and red. So crowded, in fact, that the lines for the other culinary delights (potato pancakes with sour cream, pierogi dumplings, stew etc.) were too long and I couldn't get any. *Sigh*. Some of my friends got some, and said they were really good. I did get some zywiec Polish beer though, and that was great!


Polish Festival

Fed Square

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