Johnston Street Fiesta 2006

11/20/2006 12:28:00 AM

The Johnston Street Fiesta is an annual celebration of all things Latin-American and Hispanic, with dance and music performances, arts and craft stalls, and my favourite, fabulous food!

We went on both Saturday and Sunday. Stupidly, I had lunch before hitting the festival on Saturday, and only had room to eat a meat and onion empanada, some Peruvian flan and a fresh lemonade slurpee…

Peruvian sweets stall

The Peruvian sweet stall specialized in Peruvian donuts, but I had my eye on the flan – a wonderful bowl of sweet, eggy, caramel pudding goodness.


Me with a meat and onion empanada and a slurpee - notice the ladies rolling dough in the background. This was a subtle way of getting a photo of them.

inside a slurpee

Some random photos…

Johnston street

More meat, baby!



Learning from my mistake on Saturday, I went to the Fiesta today on an empty stomach. We were on a mission to try as many things as possible.

Argentinian Tart from Chocolateria San Churro. Filled with dark chocolate and dulce de leche. Incredible!

Pupusas stall – from El Salvador

South American Soft Drinks

I grabbed a couple of pupusas (one filled with cheese and chicken, the other with cheese and refried beans) and a bottle of champagne soda from the Pupusas stall.

Champagne soda – tastes like creamy soda, but sweeter, and more delicious.

Pupusas… YUM.

Empanada stall

Fried Cheese Empanada – equally as delicious as the meat and onion one.

Choripan - as you might guess from the name, it's a chorizo sausage in a bread roll. $5 and sold at practically every stall at the festival!

Paella! We didn’t end up getting any paella as they ran out of the vegetarian version. (I am emphatically not a vegetarian, but my friend who I went with doesn’t like seafood). It smelled great though.

We finished off the day with a visit to a stall selling my favourite Hispanic dessert – CHURROS!

Churro stand!


You’d think we were full after all of that... and we were... but the Polish Festival was also on that day and it was only a 15 minute tram ride away...

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