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Here are some photos from Dubrovnik...

If you thought we left gelato behind in Italy, you were wrong! Croatia is a beautiful sunny tourist paradise. That means ice-cream is EVERYWHERE!

This is the entrance to the old town through the massive city walls.

Croatian beer rocks!


The following is what we had for dinner one night at another portside restaurant whose name slips my memory. The prices weren't too bad, and they had a jazz pianist playing too. Sheesh, we're SO not backpackers!

Fish soup!

Grilled prawns on blue cheese risotto

The following photos are of these "hole in the wall" type joints that they have in Dubrovnik. They're built into the cliff face, and you can get to them by climbing some stairs on the edge of town and following the signs that say "Cold Drinks". I'm told that it's perfectly acceptable to strip off and jump into the clear blue ocean whilst you drink, but we abstained.

Hole in the wall drinking place at sunset

Hole in the Wall drink joint during the day

This is a small market that was located in the centre of town, selling lots of local produce.

Market in Dubrovnik

Clarice bought the biggest jar of honey I'd ever seen.

Clarice with a ridiculous jar of honey - how happy does she look?

You may remember that in my last post, I mentioned that our accommodation was a mere 5 minute walk from the beach. Here's the street that takes you to the beach.

And here's the beach itself. How convenient!

Lapad Beach

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