Cambridge: A Picnic on the River

6/19/2006 08:04:00 PM

On Thursday my friend Clarice & I had a picnic on Erasmus lawn at Queens College, Cambridge.

We had gorgeous fresh raspberries and strawberries bought at the Cambridge Market, a fab hunk of blue cheese which Clarice had brought back from Paris, a baguette from Sainsbury's, and some absolutely wonderful macarons from Pierre Hermes, also carted back from Paris by Clarice. (Stay tuned for a post about the macarons!)

It was so sunny, a fabulous day for a picnic!

Later that evening, we had penne bolognese at Clown's, a family run Italian place in the town centre - very cheap and delicious!

After that, we got a crepe at Art's Picture House (a cinema) - the names of all the crepes are puns on film titles. We had a Malteaser Falcon - malteasers and butterscotch sauce on a crepe. Yum!

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  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    pierre hermes macaroons are delicieux!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Que bien que los probaste!

    Amusez-vous bien !!!! :-)

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I don't really know if a picnic could get much better than that! Seriously, those berries looked amazing - not to mention the macaroons and bleu cheese!



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