Cambridge: Midsummer House

6/20/2006 10:15:00 AM

Midsummer House is a restaurant in Cambridge, which is widely considered to be one of the best English restaurants outside London. Clarice and I went on Saturday for lunch, and had their 3 courses for 55 pounds deal.

It was wonderful! Great service, delicious, inventive food. It's definitely the most "cheffy" and experimental restaurant I've ever been to. (And here, that's a good thing!) Foam, for instance, is not something that I've tried before. And I loved the way that the champagne and grapefruit foam was dispensed from an awesome contraption that looked like an old-school perfume bottle.

Here are the photos...


Champagne and Grapefruit Foam

The Foam Dispenser


Sourdough Bread

Amuse Bouche: Pea Foam, prawns, seaweed jelly

Clarice's Starter: Pigeon

Sarah's Starter: Smoked Eel, Crispy Pig's Trotter & Smoked Foie Gras

One Delectable Mouthful

Clarice's Main: Sea Bass

Sarah's Main: John Dory, Tomato Risotto, Sauce Nero, Squid, Crispy Bacon

Pre-dessert thing: Sorbet, pineapple & fennel salad

Sarah's Dessert: Peanut Parfait, Biscuit, Banana Sorbet, Banana Marshmallows

Clarice's Dessert: Lemon tart, lemon madelines, lemon cake, lemon meringue, lemon sorbet

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  1. Wow! Those pictures are amazing. All that food looks wonderful.

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Sarah, that looks wonderful, how it transports me to sunny warm london. Brilliant photos too! I am looking for a new camera, mainly for food. Do you mind me asking what sort of camera you use?

  3. Anonymous12:34 AM

    good choice with the dessert Clarice! lemons all the way!

    hope you guys are having a ball!


  4. I'm in Cambridge later this year, must remember this! Happy travels!

  5. Amazing! I would love to work there! Everything is a work of art and I'm sure it tastes as equally amazing as it looks.


  6. tePeople say pictures tell a thousand stories. I guess for your case, your photos simply tell a thousand yummy adventures. The food items displayed here are so unique to me, because I am not that adventurous when it comes to choosing food. I am more of a traditional and ‘safe’ kind of guy who eats the same old dishes everyday. Is that a bad thing? Anyhows, I love what you have here and here in Perth, perhaps if I venture and explore out a bit more, I will get to see more of these special dishes.



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