The Sydney Weekend: Shittest Pancakes Ever

3/18/2006 01:45:00 PM

Ok, so we'd had the fab Vesbar breakfast... and come lunch time, we were hungry again.

And we really wanted pancakes.

Josh had been flicking through my camera, and seen the photo of the fab ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter that my friend An had eaten at bills Woolahra, and suddenly wanted pancakes... bad.

I suggested going back to bills, but we were hanging around Circular Quay, and a friend of a friend told us that there was a famous pancake place around there. We were too tired to trek across the city, so we went to the "famous pancake place". It was called House of Pancakes or something like that, and it was in this old touristy building with souvenir shops and shite like that in it. It didn't look too promising.

But we went in, and got a table, and the waitstaff were really friendly. They even had a fab video juke box! In the spirit of the weekend, we played Scissor Sisters' Filthy/Gorgeous, Kylie Minogue's Love at First Sight and Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time. How fabulous.

But oh my god, the pancakes (excuse the language) were fucking shite.

They looked pretty good though...

green milkshake

short stack

choc banana shite

pancakes with sauce

strawberry pancakes


But they were so so so so so crap. Totally bland, not enough sauce, and just totally unsatisfying. And disgustingly, their "grilled" bananas were just that - grilled, no butter, just plonked straight onto the grill. DISGUSTING. They weren't even warm - just brown dry bananas. They tasted rotten.

How terrible.

I mean, they were so disgusting, that as soon as we got to the airport, I had to eat a whole pack of Red Rooster chips just to get the feral crap-pancake taste out of my mouth. And Red Rooster chips are always brilliant. So thankfully, our last meal for the Sydney '06 weekend wasn't totally crap!

satisfying chips

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