Pancake Stack

3/20/2006 10:50:00 PM

I really, really wanted a stack of pancakes.

And the week before my Sydney trip, I saw the stack of Pancake Day Pancakes that Niki had made on her blog, which filled me with hungry envy. Even though I did make pancakes on that day, (fabulous American breakfast pancakes), my presentation sucked. I did my usual gimpy thing of arranging them in a cocentric circles on a plate. Yawn.

Additionally, I'd been home from Sydney for almost 2 weeks, and I still hadn't recovered from the shit pancakes we'd eaten.

So at the first available opportunity, I made a stack of pancakes, and photographed them in glorious close-up. Last weekend, a couple of mates crashed at my house after we went out to a club one night, and when we got up, it was pancake time.

I didn't follow a recipe for this - just mixed an egg into some flour, and then added milk until it looked right. Then stacked them all up on a warmed plate, covered it with a dob of butter and then drowned it in maple syrup.

ariel view

Stack it baby.

Not quite as fabulous as Niki's ones, but still pretty damn delicious.

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