Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake

5/21/2005 12:47:00 PM

Last night I had a couple of friends over for a quiet night at home. Thus, a chocolate cake was in order. I was going to do the Malteaser Cake again, but I thought I really should try a new one (there are at least 12 on my to-do list). So, I ended up choosing to do the Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake, from Feast's "Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame" chapter, which is where it rightly belongs.

It is named quadruple for the four chocolate elements that go into it - cocoa in the batter, chocolate chips (but I just chopped up a bar of chocolate), a smoky chocolate syrup poured over the cooked cake, and chocolate shavings pressed into the top.

The recipe says to line the tin with gladwrap (hah, yeah right), but after hearing horror stories of melting plastic on the forum, I used foil. Also, our tin wasn't quite big enough, so I poured the remaining batter into two muffin tins.

Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake

I served it in a very poncy way, in slices on a plate with a quenelle of sour cream (creme fraiche would probably have been better, but what are you gonna do?), a sliced strawberry and dusted with icing sugar. Normally I'm not so Bree Vandercamp about presentation, but I learned how to do this at work the other day, so I needed to practice.

I wanna be a glam Stepford Wife, sipping champagne and wearing expensive makup!

The cake was so incredible! Really moist, really luscious and intensely chocolatey. You could smell the chocolate from the other side of the kitchen! And the top of the cake has this fabulous crust, which contrasts with the rich, dense, moist chocolate interior.

Daniel: Superb. Superb.
Robbie: I want your chocolate cake. its fuckin hot

I'm gonna cut it into slices, freeze it and share my cake around with friends at uni.

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  1. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Wow Sarah - this looks fabulous! This was the first recipe I tried after buying Feast, and I was not disappointed...Now I want to make it all the way through the Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame chapter, hehe !

  2. Hi Sarah, I just discovered your blog - ever since I went public with my cooking obsession, friends have started asking me to cook all sorts of things that they are too chicken to try themselves - the latest request was for this 4 x choc cake (I figure that Nigella has been running again on cable here in Sydney) - Glad to see that someone else has had a go - I might give the gladwrap a miss too, I think! LOL - I plan to make it on Sunday and will post it on my blog - hope it turns out as well as yours. Cheers Lynda



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