Squacquerone Cheesecake

1/29/2021 08:19:00 PM

Squacquerone Cheesecake! A sweet and simple European-style cheesecake, made with delicious squacquerone cheese.

Squacquerone Cheesecake

Hello hello! Happy new year everybody! I hope everybody had a nice Christmas and New Years, wherever you are in the world, and I hope you are keeping safe and well.

I'm starting off this year's posts with a sweet little cheesecake recipe! I made this cheesecake with a new (to me) cheese: squacquerone. Late last year That's Amore Cheese contacted me, asking if I wanted to try some squacquerone and potentially try making a cheesecake with it. (Clearly, my love for cheesecake is a very strong part of my brand). The answer was, obviously, yes.

Squacquerone Cheese

So, squacquerone. I've learned that it is a fresh cheese from the Emilia Romagna region in Italy, which is ultra soft and wobbly, with a mild tangy taste. It's kinda like a mix between cream cheese, mascarpone and ricotta. In other words, delicious! I believe the traditional way to eat it in Emilia Romagna is in a piadina with rocket and prosciutto (YUM), but it's also nice spread on crusty bread, or (duh) in cheesecake!

I baked a simple cheesecake with the squacquerone, making a scaled down, small-batch, version of my favourite German cheesecake (which is traditionally made with quark). The squacquerone worked really well, making a light textured, tangy cheesecake. If you can get your hands on some squacquerone, definitely give it a go! It's the type of simple and delicious cake that would be equally welcome as dessert, afternoon tea, a snack, or even breakfast with a nice strong coffee.

Here are some other things I made and ate with the rest of the squacquerone:

Spread on crusty bread for breakfast. (Especially delicious with excellent fruit toast).

Squacquerone and Toast

This was part of a more generous weekend breakfast spread where we had cheesecake, fresh fruit and coffee.

Squacquerone Breakfast
Squacquerone Breakfast

I also made a couple of pizzas with it! The cheese melts really well and goes lovely and brown in the oven. (I used the Nigella recipe for pizza cassereccia from How to be a Domestic Goddess for the base). I did one with loads of toppings - tomato ragu, mushrooms, prosciutto, salami and squacquerone... 

Squacquerone and Prosciutto Salami Mushroom Pizza
Squacquerone and Prosciutto Salami Mushroom Pizza

...and a simpler one with garlic butter, parsley and the squacquerone. Zomg, delicious!

Garlic Squacquerone Pizza
Garlic Squacquerone Pizza

So garlicky. So cheesy. I'm in love!

Garlic Squacquerone Pizza
Garlic Squacquerone Pizza

I served the garlic bread with cold cuts, rocket and more fresh squacquerone. (Inspired by to the traditional rocket-proscuitto-squacquerone flavour combo). Love this idea for a relaxed weekend lunch with drinks!

Squacquerone Garlic Pizza and Cold Cuts
Squacquerone Garlic Pizza and Cold Cuts

But back to the original point of the post - the cheesecake! It's a very easy affair, using the all-in-one method, and no water bath required. The only thing I would caution is to place a tray under the springform if yours isn't watertight, to catch any drips that might come from the pan. Otherwise, have fun!

Squacquerone Cheesecake
Squacquerone Cheesecake


Squacquerone Cheesecake
A recipe by Sarah Cooks

50 grams flour
125 grams caster sugar
100 grams softened butter
3 eggs
Zest and juice of 1/2 a lemon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
500 grams squacquerone cheese, at room temperature
A few tablespoons breadcrumbs and extra butter, to prepare the tin

Preheat the oven to 170C. 
Place all ingredients (apart from the breadcrumbs and extra butter) in the bowl of a stand mixer and beat until combined.
Butter the base and sides a 20cm springform tin and sprinkle with breadcrumbs, turning the pan to coat the base and sides with a thin layer of breadcrumbs. Discard any excess.
Scrape the cheesecake mixture into the tin and level the top with a spatula or palette knife.
Place the springform tin onto a baking tray (to catch any drips or leaks) and put in the oven.
Bake for 30-45 minutes or until just set. You may need to cover with foil halfway through to prevent it from burning.
Allow to cool completely before gently springing from the tin.
Makes 1 x 20cm cheesecake

Have you made this recipe? Leave a comment below! Tag me on Instagram @sarahcooksblog and hashtag #sarahcooksblog

Sarah received complimentary squacquerone from That's Amore Cheese but was not compensated nor obliged to blog or post about it.

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