Le Servan, Paris

3/01/2020 10:32:00 PM

Final post from my most recent trip to Paris - breakfast at Le Servan!

Le Servan
32 Rue Saint-Maur
75011 Paris, France
Ph: +33 1 55 28 51 82

Le Servan
Le Servan, Paris

For breakfast on my final morning in Paris, Clarice suggested Le Servan. It's a beautiful yet relaxed bistro run by sisters Tatiana and Katia Levha. The sisters were born in Manila and grew up in Paris, and Chef Tatiana previously worked at L'Arpége and L'Astrance, both of which have three Michelin stars. Le Servan also seems to be popular in foodie circles; when I posted on Instagram that I was in Paris, lots of friends and acquaintances commented saying "You have to go to Le Servan!"

Le Servan, Paris
Le Servan, Paris

They'd just started serving breakfast around the time of my visit in September 2019, which meant they were still reasonably quiet when we got there bright and early on Sunday morning. Clarice had called the day before to make a booking, and they were like "oh no you'll be fine and won't need to book". (Lunches and dinners definitely need booking; my friend for whom I wrote "Sarah's Food Guide to Paris" couldn't get in when she attempted an impromptu dinner on a Monday night).

I loved the cutlery! How lovely is that knife?


We started with a foamy foamy café noisette.

Cafe Noisette Le Servan
Cafe Noisette - €3

The breakfast menu is quite eclectic; from traditional French breakfast items like brioche, viennoiserie, tartines, and omelettes, to Asian-inspired dishes like wonton noodle soup and lumpia (Filipino spring rolls). We ordered a selection from the menu to share.

Baguette with rhubarb jam and butter
Baguette with Bordier butter and rhubarb jam - €3.50

The tartine was simple but delicious - fresh baguette with soft butter and rhubarb jam.

Comté brioche with sage butter
Comté brioche with sage butter - €6

When I saw Comté brioche with sage butter, I had to order it. I mean, those are four of my favourite things! It was excellent, so soft and fluffy, and super buttery. Totally gorgeous. And yes, we slathered it in heaps of that sage butter!

Fluffy comté brioche with sage butter
Comté brioche with sage butter - €6

Salmon brioche with raw cream
Salmon brioche with raw cream - €13

Another item that really caught my eye on the menu was the salmon brioche with raw cream (crème crue). There was a square of brioche (soft on the inside, lightly grilled and crisp around the edges), topped with cured salmon and a generous quenelle of an incredibly rich cream. Gorgeous!

Salmon brioche and Wonton noodle soup
Top: Salmon brioche with raw cream - €13
Bottom: Noodle soup with pork wontons - €12

The last item we ordered was the noodle soup with pork wontons. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I tend to avoid Asian food when I'm in Europe, but I'd been in Germany for a few weeks and was craving it bad! The wontons were deep-fried and super crunchy, generously filled with pork meat. I also loved the fresh herbs and the flavoursome broth. It came with chilli oil, soy sauce and vinegar that you could add to taste. The noodles were those Maggi mee style, soft and bouncy and compulsive. It totally fixed my craving!

And that was our breakfast at Le Servan! I'd definitely recommend it for a delicious breakfast, and would be keen to return for lunch or dinner.

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  1. Yes to the Comte brioche with sage butter. I mean that simply cannot go wrong!

  2. All looks delicious but I would go there just for the Comte brioche!!



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