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9/23/2018 11:51:00 AM

View of Mount Buller from Delatite Wines

Hey hey! As I mentioned in my Apple Crumble Pie post, the past couple of months were a bit crazy, and I'm thrilled to be getting back to normal - back to meal prepping, back to blogging, back to the gym, back to my usual happily boring routine.

Here are my latest obsessions.


I recently watched Killing Eve and thought it was awesome. Technically it's a spy drama, but it was unexpected, funny, dark, and riveting, with interesting characters performed brilliantly. Sandra Oh was, of course, fantastic, but Fiona Shaw's character was totally badass, and Jodie Comer was really something! (Side note: how has Sandra Oh not aged at all since Sideways?) I also loved all the European locations. There's only 8 episodes in season 1 - definitely doable on a weekend binge! Get on it.

Picture source: IMDB


I adore the cannoli from Cannoleria by That's Amore. I've always loved cannoli, but only the ones filled with ricotta, and not custard. Well, when I saw Cannoleria's stand at South Melbourne market, and saw that they're made by That's Amore cheese, I knew they'd all be filled with delicious delicious ricotta, and I just had to try them. They do traditional Sicilian flavours, but also lots of different fun rotating flavours. The day I visited there was Nutella, classic, peanut butter, and pumpkin, and I bought one of each. They're crisp and creamy and just soooo delicious!

Looks like they're at South Melbourne Market until the end of the month, but they do pop-ups around town, so follow their Instagram to see where they pop up, and if you see their stand, buy some! You won't regret it.

Cannoli by Cannoleria


So this is unexpected, but I have recently become extremely obsessed with legendary Welsh crooner Tom Jones. I've always been aware of his work in a vague sense, but never really got into his songs, apart from a brief period in my teens when If I Only Knew came out, shortly followed by his epic album Reload, full of cover duets with all the hot stars of the day. Well, the other day I randomly got the chorus of the song She's A Lady stuck in my head, and I thought I'd listen to his greatest hits on Apple music. After that I was lost, and it's been Tom Jones tunes ALL THE TIME since then. What a voice! What catchy tunes! What a performer! What a prolific career! I must acknowledge that the lyrics to some of his older songs do make me cringe - have you actually listened to the lyrics of Delilah?! Eep! - but that song is over half a century old and times do change. Favourite songs right now: Burning Down the House, It's Not Unusual, and Sex Bomb.

Picture source: Allmusic.com


I’ve been doing yoga on-and-off at the gym for 17 (!) years, but have gotten more serious about it recently, practising at home, attending workshops, investing in my own yoga props, and even going to an occasional 6am class. I am ludicrously inflexible and still cannot touch my toes, but I just have to be kind to myself and remember that I’m still benefiting from my practice even if I don’t look like a textbook or the instructor. The pose in my photo (chaturanga dandasana) means a lot to me, as for the longest time (more than 14 years!) it was just NOT in my practice. I would legit collapse onto the mat any time I attempted it and after a while I just stopped trying. However a couple of years ago I gave it another go and realised that I had developed the upper body and core strength to do it! It’s now one of my favourites and I love taking a little flow in between standing poses. Still working on my alignment but I will get there! (PS this photo was taken on our holiday in Ipoh recently - blogposts to come!)

Me attempting chaturanga dandasana at the Banjaran Hot Springs Resort in Ipoh


So I didn't realise this until my friend Jess pointed it out after seeing me post it on Instagram again, but I am obsessed with the beef bibimbap at Oriental Spoon (254 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000). Well, I love beef bibimbap in general, but I seem to eat it most often at Oriental Spoon. I love all the different seasoned vegetables, the runny egg, and especially the rice that gets all crispy on the sides. Delicious! It's my go-to lunch! I also find it consistently fascinating that the dish gets hotter as you eat it and the food is closer to the piping hot stone bowl. And I guess even though it's a massive serving with lots of rice, all the different veggies make it a reasonably healthy option.

Beef Bibimbap at Oriental Spoon


That's it for today's Obsessions post! Coming up on the blog: a chilled out weekend in Daylesford, our slightly less chilled out Bachelorette weekend, our trip to Malaysia and lots of recipes! Hooray!

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