Current Obsessions, 4

6/11/2018 12:25:00 PM

Delicious coffee and dramatic shadows

Time for another current obsessions post! Gosh, hasn't it gotten cold! And so suddenly too! I think I can just about deal with the cold, but I am struggling with the darkness! It's dark when I leave the house the morning, and dark when I leave work in the evening. I've officially started hibernation mode for the year - lazing at home, electric blankets, endless cups of tea. Yessss. Hope y'all are enjoying the long weekend!

Here's what I've been obsessing about this month.


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I started watching Atlanta the other week, and I also finished watching both seasons that same week. It's really damn good. I've been a fan of Donald Glover/Childish Gambino since Community, but hadn't followed his career much since then. I actually hadn't heard of Atlanta, and totally missed all the hype about it (Emmys! Golden Globes!) but when his song This is America came out there were like five million think pieces about the music video, and a lot of them mentioned this show Atlanta. It was easy enough to find on SBS On Demand, so I thought I'd give it a go. And it was totally brilliant! I don't want to reveal anything about the show, and it's quite hard to describe anyway, but it is well worth sitting down and watching it all. It's funny, it's dark, it's sad, it's at times surreal and other times too real. Donald Glover is unstoppable at the moment!

Also: ¿dónde está la biblioteca?

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It's quite rare for me to get into new albums and new artists - my musical tastes are very much stuck in the late 90's / early 00's - but occasionally a new album makes its way into my consciousness, and this month it's been Janelle Monáe's Dirty Computer. I already loved the song Make Me Feel, but the day the album was released, my friend Claire tweeted about the "lush, layered harmonies on the title track (augmented by Brian Wilson - !!)", and I knew I had to listen to the whole album! Since then I've been playing it on repeat - JM's a total badass, the harmonies are gorgeous, the whole album's just great. Her videos are ridiculous, I would suggest YouTubing them immediately.

Side note: Sandra signed me up for Apple music a couple of months ago and now I have no idea how I lived without it for so long.


Kiri cream cheese on rye bread. (Not sponsored!) I usually mix up my breakfasts, but lately I've been in a serious cream-cheese-on-rye phase. I bought Kiri cream cheese the other day because it's a favourite of my family in Germany, and it was on sale. It was surprisingly delicious and now I'm buying Kiri all the time - it's so creamy and luscious. I prefer the "soft cream cheese" to their "Greek-style cream cheese", as it's thicker and creamier. As I said, I've been having it on rye bread, usually with some sour cherry jam (homemade by Sandra's mum in Germany), or smoked salmon and chives. So fabulous.

Rye bread, Kiri Cream Cheese, Smoked salmon and chives; Sour cherry jam


Some links that caught my attention this month...


Aaaaah... Jake Shears has a new song out! I was (am) a huge fan of Scissor Sisters, and now that they're on hiatus I'm so excited that he's releasing some solo work. The song is called Creep City and it's so good, a bit burlesque and theatrical, very Scissor-esque! I'm playing it on repeat and just patiently waiting for the album to come out in August. Wow, I hope he does a tour as well. How amazing would that be?

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That's it for today's Obsessions post! Coming up on the blog - our trip to Wellington, a fun day out in the Yarra Valley, one of the best degustations I've ever had, and the fluffiest Austrian pancakes! Stay warm out there everybody!

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  1. OMG we were talking about the poo jogger and then that lady. Turns out there is a whole range of youtube videos of people pooping in public and in supermarkets! I have a poo phobia so I couldn't watch lol.

    1. I could only watch a couple of videos before I had to look away!



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