Current Obsessions, 3

5/09/2018 09:03:00 PM

Gingernuts with chocolate ganache; Noritake plates

Hello there! Time for another Current Obsessions post. Have you been well lately? I've been good, just recovering from all the epic eating of my recent birthday. Phew! In the top picture, you can see some gorgeous biscuits that my good friend Duncan made for me as a birthday gift (gingernuts studded with crystallised ginger and sandwiched with chocolate ganache), sitting on these beautiful Noritake plates that my bro and his girlfriend got me (hand carried from Japan!)

Let's look at this month's obsessions!


The Office. (The UK version, of course). It's an oldie but a goodie, and definitely one of my favourites. One of my colleagues recently mentioned that he was from Swindon (yes, the Swindon of the Swindon branch that gets incorporated into the Slough branch), and that made me want to watch The Office again. I binge watched both seasons and the Christmas special, and wasn't expecting to like them as much the third (fourth?) time around, but I found myself cracking up and cackling with laughter. The cast's delivery is just so perfect. 17 years on and it's still so awkward! So cringey! So quotable! So hilarious! And of course I cried again during the Christmas Special. (Dawn and Tim, I can't deal).

David Brent. Source: BBCAmerica


Coco. Oh my gosh, have you guys seen Coco? It is, without exaggeration, one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever experienced! I hadn't heard or read much about the film before seeing it, and we decided on a whim to rent it on Foxtel one evening. Well, one hour and forty minutes later I was bawling my eyes out but also feeling so uplifted. It's visually stunning (just look at that petal-path on the poster!), but also has great songs (Latin American music, another obsession of mine), and a beautiful message about family. I was thrilled (but unsurprised) to learn that it became Mexico's highest grossing film of all time! Coco also tapped into one of my other weaknesses: minority kids following their dreams. (See also: Up! and Moana).

Coco Movie Poster
Source: Showtimes.com


The pitas at Miznon (59 Hardware Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000) are incredible! As you may already know, the well renowned Israeli pita chain recently opened a branch here, to rave reviews and much social media hype. I've been twice so far, and the food is so damn good! They've ruined me for store bought pitas! They're soooo soft and warm and fluffy. And they also do free pita offcuts with sour cream, tahini, chilli sauce and pickled cabbage. Ridiculous. My favourite filling is the hot chickpeas with warm tahini sauce and hardboiled egg. It's not just about the pitas though - their "beans in a bag" are so tasty, and the chicken and potatoes in a bag are divine. I haven't tried the famous whole roast cauliflower yet, but give me time.

Miznon Melbourne


A few interesting links...

Me and the number 4 cake - I remember "helping" my mum to cut the marshmallows into petals with scissors

The Hickory Dickory Dock cake


Do you remember my Cottage Cheese and Oat Protein Waffles? Well, I can't stop making them! Two minutes in the blender, four minutes in a waffle iron, and a delicious, healthy, treat of a breakfast is done! They're my go-to for a weekend breakfast, and I've even been making them on weekdays when I'm feeling hungry and organised. Here's the recipe.

Cottage Cheese and Oat Protein Waffles


Coming up on the blog - more New Zealand travel, my birthday shenanigans, I've still gotta blog our engagement party, and lots of fun recipes including a crispy eggplant parm, and a gluten free brown-butter carrot cake. Peace out! A Town!

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  1. Ooh going to read that Dallas article next. And I've never heard of Coco but it sounds gorgeous! I need to buy a waffle maker this winter I think :d

    1. Yes! Once you start waffling you won't wanna stop!



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