Cottage Cheese and Oat Protein Waffles

1/30/2018 10:45:00 PM

Cottage Cheese and Oat Waffles

Waffles! I made these waffles on a whim on the weekend, and they were unexpectedly wonderful! (Woo, alliteration!)

Reasons for the waffles:

  • On Saturday, we had a lovely brunch at my friend April's house where she made corn fritters in her waffle iron and they were so good! It reminded me that it's not only waffles that can be waffled.
  • The next day I had a craving for pancakes, but it was oppressively hot, and I didn't want to stand at the stove flipping and frying for ages.
  • I had oats and cottage cheese on hand, and an idle flick through Pinterest for ideas on how to use these ingredients led me to these delicious-looking waffles on Kerry June's blog. She uses equal volumes of cottage cheese, oats and egg whites and blends them together before cooking.

All the stars were aligning, I had to make waffles for our Sunday breakfast! I used my own recipe for cottage cheese and oat protein pancakes, just reducing the number of (whole) eggs in the batter so that it wouldn't be too runny and leak out the side of my waffle iron. I also added a little melted butter to the batter to help the waffles be removed more easily from the iron. (It's super hard to clean an electric waffle iron, so the less cleaning and scraping required the better).

Cottage Cheese and Oat Waffles

I wasn't quite sure how the batter would go in my waffle iron, but it worked so well! They were crunchy, light and fluffy and they looked and tasted great! All the deliciousness of the cottage cheese and oat protein pancakes, but faster! My waffle iron is pretty big, so I was able to cook all of the batter at once. Easy!

Breakfast situation

Not that you need any extra incentive, but as an added bonus, the waffles are a good source of protein! I did some calculations online and (depending on the brand of cottage cheese you use), you'd be looking at about 15 grams of protein per serving, which is pretty good going, especially for something that is such a treat and tastes so, well, un-proteiny. They'll fuel you up for the day ahead!

My serving!

The amount in the recipe below makes a nice serving for two people, but is easily scaled up or down depending on your appetite. Halve the amounts and it makes a single serving, which is totally doable on a weekday morning if you're feeling motivated. I know this because I was feeling motivated this morning and made my own single serve for breakfast before work! (I am often motivated by waffles). It only took slightly longer than making a smoothie, and was infinitely more delicious. Awww yeah. (Hot tip: don't bother making the batter the night before - as the mixture sits, the oats soak up the liquid and the batter thickens significantly, so it's best to make the batter just before you cook them).

Weekday waffles

Maple syrup

Let's get our waffle on!

Cottage Cheese and Oat Protein Waffles
A recipe by Sarah Cooks

1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup cottage cheese
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons butter, melted and cooled

Heat a waffle iron.
Place all ingredients in a blender and whizz to combine.
Fill the waffle iron with the batter (I use approx. 1/2 cup of batter per waffle, but this will depend on the dimensions of your waffle iron), and cook until done to your liking. If you need to cook the batter in more than one batch, remove the cooked waffles and keep warm in a low oven (120C) on a rack (if you like them crispy), or wrapped up in a clean tea-towel (if you prefer them soft). Repeat until all the batter is used up.
Serve with maple syrup, butter, fruit, anything you like!
Serves 2 with sides

Have you made this recipe? Leave a comment below! Tag me on Instagram @sarahcooksblog and hashtag #sarahcooksblog

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  1. sounds great, going to do this one on the weekend. are you using rolled oats or the quick oats ? thanks

    1. Thanks Anthony! Hope you enjoy them! I used regular rolled oats, not quick oats.

    2. ok, bring on saturday morning....ta

  2. could the same batter be used to make pancakes?

    1. Check out my recipe for cottage cheese and oat protein pancakes! The quantities are a bit different from these waffles so that they work as pancakes.



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