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The Unblogged Files: June 2017

7/08/2017 08:41:00 PM

Hey hey! Time for my June Unblogged Files! After the craziness of May, I made a conscious effort to have a quieter June. Still lots of delicious food, but I managed to keep it low key - work, gym, family time, a couple of social engagements.

Breakfasts! Here are some sweet options...

Top: Dense choc loaf cake, açaí bowl, yogurt and fruit with peanut butter granola
Middle: 2 x yogurt w/ peanut butter granola, porridge
Bottom: Açaí bowl, yogurt w peanut butter granola, choc chip banana bread

...and some savoury / bread-based breakfasts.

Top: Scrambled eggs in a wrap, Cottage cheese and chives toast
Middle: Cottage cheese and chives toast & Nutella toast, omelette wrap & PB/apple wrap
Bottom: Smashed avo on toast, Strawberries and cream cheese on toast

Here are some work lunches! A few more than usual because of catch-ups with coworkers, and general laziness! (I meal prep most weeks, but sometimes I just... don't).

My current favourite place in the city is Fat Oma (212 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000). Their ayam belado is just out of this world! The chicken is so crispy and juicy and flavoursome. Last month, I tried the "spicy" chilli sauce, which was is incredibly spicy. (Approx. Homer Simpson Guatemalan Insanity Pepper spicy). This month I swallowed my pride and tried the "mild" sauce. Still spicy. (Approx. Nando's extra hot spiciness level).

Fat Oma Ayam Belado

And some more lunches...

Top left: Pho Nom, Bottom left: Little Ramen Bar
Right hand side: New Shanghai

Heh, the kebab and chips was something I UberEats'ed to my house when I was working from home one day.

Clockwise from top left: Kebab and chips; Poutine at Father's Office, Jimmy Grant's, Spud Bar

Here are some home-cooked dinners:

Clockwise from top left: Pizza toasties; Pork medallions w croquettes and mushroom cream sauce; Beef burger; Sun-dried tomato, spinach & cheese-stuffed chicken breast; Chicken soup; Beef burger w broccolini, sweet potato & avocado

Clockwise from top left: Mexican bean soup; Roast duck leg salad; Marinated lamb fillets w roast vegetables; beef-stir fry; Slow-cooked pork & black beans; Mushroom Pizzas

Had a few sneaky drinks in June - a going away for a colleague (sob!), and some general hangs. I love the cocktails at Nieuw Amsterdam, the espresso martinis at Good Heavens, and the poutine at Belleville!

Top left: Mojito & Beer at Belleville, Bottom left: Poutine at Belleville
Top right: Good Heavens
Middle and bottom right: Nieuw Amsterdam

Ok, so I told you we had a going away for one of my colleagues. I also baked him a cheesecake. The recipe for this cheesecake is available on my blog, in case you're interested. (And you should be - it's delicious!) So creamy.


Looking back over the month, it seems like I ate a lot of burgers for some reason! Guess I was just in the mood for them! Betty's Burgers (97 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000) were very good, the fried chicken burger at Boilermaker House (209-211 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000) was disappointing (the chicken was only big enough to cover half the bun), and oh my goodness, the Mr Hot burger at Mr Burger was insane! When I ordered it, the lady behind the counter said that they'd recently changed their sauce menu and it was at least five times hotter. I'd never had a burger there before, and I love spicy food, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was incredibly hot, sweat inducing and almost painfully burning. I powered on through and finished it but I def needed some ice-cream after! Apart from that, great burger, would go again for a non hot-sauce burger. (This was actually my dinner after I'd had that spicy ayam belado for lunch so there was basically steam coming out of my ears all night).

Top left: Betty's Burgers
Top Right: Fried Chicken Burger at Boilermaker House
Bottom: Mr Burger

We did a joint birthday celebration for Sandra and our friend Adriana - KFC and champagne! We be classy laydeez.

KFC & Champagne

I also baked a cake - a half-sized version of the cocoa sour cream cake with chocolate cheesecake icing and raspberry whipped cream. The edible glitter was Sandra's choice! (I've updated the recipe post with instructions for doing it in a half size!)

Cocoa sour cream cake with chocolate cheesecake icing and raspberry whipped cream

We also received gifts from the family in Germany - belated birthday presents for Sandra and I. Here's my stash! All the Milka! Minion Leibniz! Donut pan! They know me so well. (Also, sloths are my spirit animal).

Gifts from Germany

My friends Adi and Natalia hosted a baby shower this month, and they got a huge nasi tumpeng! I'd never had this before, but basically it's an Indonesian celebratory dish - a huge mountain of yellow rice, with lots of side dishes. Unfortunately, we arrived late so I couldn't see it in all its glory, but boy, did it taste good! My favourite things were the deep-fried hardboiled eggs, the potato patties, and the beef rendang.

Nasi Tumpeng

Impromptu afternoon Short Stop visit! They were doing a lemon ricotta cheesecake donut, with lavender shortbread crumble on top, and it was incredible!

Short Stop Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake Donut

And the last thing I wanted to tell you about was dinner at Feast of Merit (117 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121). We went in a group to celebrate my friend Emma's birthday, and it was a great night! I'd always thought of Feast of Merit as more of a brunch place, but it was a great spot for dinner. Great cocktails, a good wine list, and really delicious food! Faves were the braised lamb shoulder, the espresso martini, and the crunchy crunchy school prawns!

Dinner at Feast of Merit

Woohoo! That was June! July is shaping up to be a nice chill month - just lots of dinners with friends so far. Hooray!

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  1. How cute is that sloth tshirt? I need it! :D And love how you pimped up your KFC :D



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