Patch Cafe, Richmond

11/04/2015 07:48:00 AM

Patch Cafe

I'm extremely fortunate not to have any dietary requirements or allergies (knock on wood!), but I do try and make an effort to exercise and eat healthily (most of the time!) I also love tinkering around with different flours and milks in the kitchen. So when I was invited to try Patch Cafe, a paleo-inspired, clean eating cafe in Richmond, I was definitely keen to check it out.

Patch Cafe
1/32 Bendigo St
Richmond, VIC 3121 
Ph: (03) 9029 0328

Patch Cafe is located in the channel 9 studios in Richmond, and has a bright, open vibe. We happened to be there on Grand Final day, so it was extremely peaceful and quiet, but on normal weekends I'm told it can get very crowded!

Patch Cafe

Raw and gluten-free cakes

Magic - $3.80

I went for my usual coffee, a magic made with regular full fat milk, so that I could have a standard base for comparison - it was good! However, Patch offer a wide range of currently trending hot drinks if that's more up your alley, like soy milk, almond milk, green lattes (matcha, I believe), butter coffee, kombucha and soy chais.

In addition to the raw cakes and gluten free muffins you see above, the menu has a range of creative brunch items with a paleo twist. Think - breakfast salads, eggs Benedict (with paleo toast), açaí bowls, cauliflower toast and more.

Our visit happened to coincide with the release of the new spring menu, so we got to try some brand new items.

I'm a Fun-Ghi - Omelette crafted with an assortment of wild mushrooms sauteed in olive oil & thyme, accompanied with a balsamic reduction & white truffle oil. Served with goat's cheese or cashew feta and sourdough or Paleo toast - $18 

The mushroom omelette was very impressive. Enoki, swiss brown, and they had a great flavour from being sautéed until golden brown and slightly crisp. You can choose how paleo to go with this one - either goats cheese or cashew feta as the cheese, or with sourdough or paleo toast for the bread component. We went halfway: paleo toast and goat's cheese. I can't say I was a huge fan of the paleo toast - it was based on almond meal and egg white and whilst it had a pleasant texture, it was extremely neutral in flavour, and paled in comparison to the delicious omelette. And indeed, this omelette is filling and flavoursome enough on its own that extra toast (paleo or otherwise) isn't really necessary.

Mushroom omelette with paleo toast

I went for a sweet option, the super-pretty and aptly named: "Showstopper" waffles! Totally instagrammable!

The Showstopper - Pumpkin, banana, coconut flour and almond butter waffles served with maple candied bacon ice-cream, house made paleo Anzac crumble, seasonal berries & fruit, drizzled with maple syrup - $20

The (gluten free) waffles themselves were made from a mixture of pumpkin, banana, coconut flour and almond butter, and were very hearty and filling. Coconut flour can give baked goods a bit of a grainy finish but these weren't too stodgy. The maple candied bacon ice-cream was refreshingly icy and sorbet-like, and with the fresh fruit lightened up the dish nicely. I also enjoyed the Anzac crumble - love a bit of crunch! From reading the description, I thought the dish might be a bit busy, but all the elements combined together really well  - good for Instagram and to eat!

Raw pina colada cake - $8

From appearance, I had thought that the piña colada cake would be dense, but it was actually light and creamy, with a fresh and fruity taste from the pineapple and coconut.

If you're into healthy eating, Patch Cafe would be the perfect spot for you, but you don't need to be a clean-eating #fitspo gym bunny to enjoy Patch - it's a nice place with a great atmosphere and creative, well-made cafe food.

Sarah and Sandra dined as guests of Patch Cafe.

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