Aunt Billies Cafe

10/05/2015 07:40:00 AM

Aunt Billie's

How do you guys normally hear about new cafes? Before I started my blog (almost eleven years ago!) it would be from paper-media guides like Cheap Eats or Epicure. Then when food blogs became popular, I'd always hear about the latest and greatest cafes from blogs! (Especially Where's The Beef - those guys are awesome!) These days, it's definitely Instagram. It usually goes like this - see a delicious looking meal at a cafe on someone's Instagram, check the geotag, see if the other dishes from that cafe look nice, check out the cafe's website, then make a beeline for the cafe! That's how we heard about Aunt Billies Cafe - we saw it on the lovely Daisy's Instagram, and thought it would be a great place to bring my parents.

Aunt Billies Cafe
184 Surrey Road
Blackburn, VIC 3130
Ph: (03) 9894-7774
Aunt Billies Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Aunt Billies is out in Blackburn (Eastern suburbs for lyf!), and is bright, cute and spacious. We also found the service to be really friendly and welcoming - hooray!

Aunt Billie's

Cake display

Coffees were very impressive.

Left: Cappuccino, Right: Magic

 2 x lattes

Soft shell crab burger with carrot and coriander salad, chipotle mayo on a brioche bun - $20.50

My dad normally orders beef burgers at cafes, but really wanted to try a soft-shell crab burger as he thought it sounded really unusual. It was a bit tricky to eat, but otherwise he really enjoyed it.

BBQ breakfast roll with crispy bacon, fried eggs, housemade BBQ sauce - $10.50

Sandra's bacon and egg roll was a classic but a goodie - crisp bacon, fried eggs and barbecue sauce in a toasted Turkish roll. Just the kind of thing I'd want to eat when I'm hungover. (Not that I'm ever hungover).

Pumpkin tart

My mum saw the pumpkin tart in the cabinet and had to order it - roast pumpkin, sunflower seeds and feta bound together by an eggy mixture and encased in puff pastry. Delicious!

Billies bowl with cauliflower, freekeh, kale, avocado, seeds, almonds, black pearl barley and currants - $15

I went for the Billies bowl - a healthy mix of grains, vegetables, nuts and currants, with an added poached egg. Overall I enjoyed this (Cauliflower! Avocado! Ding ding ding!), but found my bowl quite heavy on the currants. Even though I love dried fruit in savoury food, the balance was a little off here, and I ended up picking out the currants and leaving about half of them behind.

Aunt Billie's was a great find - my parents loved it and have made a few return visits since! Success. Nice food, good coffee, easy parking and friendly staff. What more could you want?

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  1. 11 years ago? That is ages ago Sarah! Well done! :o

  2. Aw, you're too kind. Thank goodness Michael's on instagram to keep up with today's cafes. Our blog hits 10 years next year and we've been thinking of some "where are they now?" posts for the cafes we were first reviewing from Cheap Eats 2006!



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