Birthday Lunch at Bistro Thierry

5/20/2014 09:37:00 PM

Bistro Thierry

Bistro Thierry
511 Malvern Road
Toorak, VIC 3142
Ph: (03) 9824-0888
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I'm quite lucky my birthday was around the double holiday of Easter and ANZAC day - meaning extra opportunities to slot in catch-ups and lunches! This birthday lunch at Bistro Thierry was with my blogger buddies on Easter Monday. I'd been to Bistro Thierry two years ago for my birthday dinner and thought the food was excellent. It's also in quite a convenient location, and they have a very reasonable prix fixe menu, which thankfully they still offered on the public holiday: two courses and a glass of De Bortoli wine for $35! (Add an extra course for $8.50). A good price and easy to split. And as a bonus: I felt like a real Real Housewife going out for lunch on a weekday in Malvern, hehe!

We started with some baguette with butter. I felt a bit weird about not having any plates and making a mess with the crusty baguettes but eh, everyone was doing it!

Crusty Bread

Here are the entrées - I didn't manage to try most of them (apart from my own French onion soup), but everyone around the table seemed to like what they got, and you can see in the photos how nice they all looked!

Soupe à l'oignon - French onion soup with Gruyère crouton

The onion soup was one of my favourites on my last visit, so I was looking forward to having it again, and it did not disappoint.

Salade de Crevettes - salad of crispy prawns with carrots, courgettes, cumin & curry oil

Pâté de Campagne - country style pâté served with cornichons and rocket

La Salade César - Caesar salad with shaved parmesan, smoked bacon, croutons, anchovies and a soft poached egg

De Bortoli Cabernet Merlot

Only half of us had wine - it was a Monday afternoon, after all - the rest of us substituted tea or soft drinks and the staff were flexible about this.

Bavette grillée - minute steak with fries and salad, veal jus

Most of our table went for the minute steak. I love how the plate is almost half covered with fries - what a treat!

Steak haché, Café de Paris - grilled minced eye fillet with a garlic and parsley butter, served with fries and salad

The minced steak normally comes with salad, but Sandra requested it without. Both the minute steak and the minced steak came with a similar (or same?) sauce - it had a good rich flavour but was quite salty, so it got a little overpowering, especially with the generously salted chips.

Boeuf Bourguignon - beef braised in red wine, onion, mushrooms, served with mashed potato

Even though I enjoyed my minute steak, I had serious dish envy when I saw the boeuf bourguignon - a small but intense bowl of tender beef, soft vegetables and a rich, rich sauce. Beautiful!

Creme brulee - traditional vanilla bean custard with caramelised sugar

I love the crème brûlée here - all creamy, vanilla-flecked custard topped with crackly sugar. Lovely.

Tarte tatin - warm apple & caramel tart with calvados scented ice-cream

Ashley and Daisy shared the tarte tatin. Ashely loved the caramel on top, and Daisy said it "blew me away! With that delicious ice cream, apples, pastry and caramel sauce!" Yay!

It was a fun, tasty, easy lunch. The staff were flexible, the food came out quite quickly and was overall of a very high standard - hooray!

Thank-you guys for taking the time out of your long weekends to celebrate with me!

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  1. Long weekends are the best aren't they? I wish we had three day weekends every week. And even better that your birthday coincided with it! :D

  2. That French onion soup looks incredible, and I love that frites are such an elegant accompaniment in the hands of the French. Love.

  3. That French onion soup looks incredible, and I love that frites are such an elegant accompaniment in the hands of the French. Love.

  4. man, that was a gooooood meal. I'm so coming back for the steak

  5. Wow, those fries! The sauce on those steak dishes do look very heavy, but delicious too.



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