The Unblogged Files: February 2014

3/04/2014 02:10:00 PM

Howdy everybody! A couple of days late, but here's my Unblogged Files for February! (Is it just me that gets caught out by the short month?)

Even though we had Reunion Dinner with the extended family at the end of January, my parents cooked an awesome Chinese New Year dinner the week after, with all my Nyonya favourites! Kiam chye th'hng (salted vegetable and duck soup), loh bak (deep fried pork wrapped in bean curd), and chicken curry. Yum!

Chinese New Year dinner

Sandra and I spent the Most Fabulous Weekend in the Gold Coast, staying at Palazzo Versace. Such luxury! Blogpost to come.

Palazzo Versace

As usual, I'd like to share some of the weeknight meals we've been cooking. (This month it was mainly me doing the cooking!)

Top left: Cajun chicken; quinoa, broccolini; spinach avocado and pepita salad
Top right: Egg-fried quinoa with broccolini
Bottom left: Bacon and garlic spaghetti
Bottom right: Lamb and cannelini bean stew with pistachio and currant-studded couscous

Top left: Lean pork meatballs; zucchini salad; roast eggplant, zucchini and olive salad; avocado
Top right: Fan-wu cai eggplant; soy eggs; Taiwanese meat sauce
Bottom left: Buckwheat corn fritters; rocket and pine nut salad; guacamole; bacon
Bottom right: Pea Risotto

One night, my parents and I went to Shira Nui (247 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150) for dinner one night. Amazing sushi. Amazing!

Sushi sashimi platter

One day for lunch, I tried a new Korean restaurant: Anju (18 Little LaTrobe Street, Melbourne Vic 3000), on the suggestion of my friend Duncan. I totally loved the dish I ordered - fried chicken wings on black rice with roast corn, cucumber kim chi and soy eggs. Delicious!

Korean rice, roast corn, cucumber kim chi, soy eggs and fried chicken wings

I liked it so much that I went back the next week, and tried their Anju Ramyun (instant noodles in a ham broth, with black rice, kim chi and a fried egg, served in a lunch box). I didn't like this one quite as much as the chicken (the rice was severely undercooked), but the soup and noodles were good, and I still want to go back again!

Anju Ramyun

Let's have a look at some of the different breakfasts I've made. First up, the blueberry breakfast bars from Whole-Grain Mornings. I loved the combo of rolled oats, rye flakes, wholemeal flour, almonds and sesame seeds in the dough. Gorgeous!

Blueberry Breakfast Bars

Some other breakfasts! I've totally been loving Megan Gordon's "Very Best Oatmeal", and have been eating versions of that most mornings - so nourishing.

Top row: Chobani yogurt with PB2, cocoa nibs & coconut sugar; The Very Best Oatmeal with currants
Middle row: Triple-coconut quinoa porridge; goats cheese omelette with bacon and habanero hot sauce
Bottom row: Sliced avo on a vita weet; The Very Best Oatmeal with blueberries and butter

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Hwaro Korean BBQ (562 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000) to celebrate the lovely Daisy and the awesome Adrian's birthdays. So much meat! I also loved their seafood pancake.

Hwaro Korean BBQ

Speaking of birthdays, Wince very kindly had us over for an amazing birthday dinner. He said it was just going to be "something simple", but it turned out to be Devil's curry, soft shell crab, crispy roast pork (omg!), slow roasted lamb brisket, triple-egg spinach and chawan mushi. WOW! Thank-you so much Wince for an amazing dinner and a super-fun evening!

Wince's birthday dinner

And plans for March... just the usual. Plus a little trip to Malaysia! Hooray!

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  1. Ooh, Anju looks like a tasty place to visit! And yay for your upcoming trip to Malaysia! Can't wait till I get back there later this year.

  2. Can't wait to hear about Palazzo Versace - how decadent!

  3. Haha you are honestly most welcome, Sarah. Was such a joy to have you guys over to share a meal. My way of saying thanks for being such an awesome friend. And omg I love everything in this post, especially your weeknight meals, breakfasts and yes, Palazzo Versace!! I hope to build a dream home like that one day and maybe call it Palazza Chua? Somehow, doesn't sound as grand hahaha

  4. What a great month of eating! Love the look of that soft shell crab in the last photo.



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