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Wunderbar in Rye

2409 Pt. Nepean Road
Rye VIC, 3941
Ph: (03) 5985-9187
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I'm always on the lookout for German restaurants, but often in Melbourne they're the cheesy touristy kind: giant beer steins, Bavarian flags, oompah-pah music, gigantic servings of sausages and schnitzels, and big rowdy groups on birthday parties or hen's nights. Not that there's anything wrong with that - and indeed, Hofbräuhaus actually does great food - but often I just want a quiet German meal without all the Firlefanz.

So when we were in the Mornington Peninsula for that fab weekend away, we were thrilled to find an authentic German family restaurant in Rye, right on Point Nepean Road: Wunderbar. It reminded us very much of our time(s) Germany - the Radeberger-branded menu posted on the wall outside, the dark wood interiors, and all the little German knickknacks around the restaurant. They even had Dornfelder, Asbach and Feuerzangenbowle on the menu!



Mettwurst, pickles, bread (traditional German meat confit) - $14

We shared the Mettwurst as a starter, mainly out of curiousity, I must admit. I wasn't sure what we'd get - "Mettwurst" varies even regionally in Germany - but here it was a cold meat parfait in a jar, served with diced pickles and onions and a freshly baked bread roll. And when I say "freshly baked", I mean it - it was still steaming! I wasn't a huge fan of the Mettwurst itself, finding it a bit firm and tricky to get out of that narrow jar, but I was glad to have tried it.

Sandra really enjoyed the pork medallians she ordered ("Lende" in German), which were covered in cheese and sat on top of a mushroom sauce. These normally come with Spätzle, but she substituted Bratkartoffeln (fried potato slices with bacon).

Pork medallions, Bratkartoffeln, mushrooms and cheese - $32

Pork medallions, Bratkartoffeln, mushrooms and cheese - $32

I've not seen Maultaschen here before, but have often had them in Germany - essentially they're like big square ravioli, filled with meat, and usually served in broth. These ones were served on a hearty lentil and carrot stew, which had a rich flavour from balsamic vinegar and (I believe) red wine. Lecker! 

Lamb maultaschen - German ravioli, balsamic lentils - $29

We were too full for dessert, but they did have Quarkkrapfen (quark donuts) with chocolate sauce and whipped cream on the menu, which sounded amazing! I'll have to try those for next time.

The bill

Wunderbar was a cosy, friendly little restaurant serving traditional German fare. A little slice of home on the Peninsula. I recommend it and definitely want to visit again!

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  1. Well, it looks all authentic to me and delicious, though I don't know about the Mettwurst. But as you said, they vary locally.

  2. I haven't much experience with German food, except for Melbourne's Hofbrauhaus. The servings were ginormous and everything was so meaty! That giant ravioli that you ordered looks interesting!

  3. Hi, German Guy (from Swabia) here ;) The Mettwurst looks delicious. Maultaschen are often served with Kartoffelsalat or sauteed with eggs.

    If you want to try some german calssics: Currywurst, Königsberger Klopse, Wurstsalat, Gulasch, Rinder-Rouladen, Linsen & Spätzle or Zwiebelrostbraten ;)

    Greetings from Germany (and sorry for my bad snglish :p)

  4. you're wunderbar SEE WHAT I DID THERE ps "cold meat parfait in a jar, served with diced pickles and onions and a freshly baked bread roll" legit sounds like my idea of heaven if it was pate the end.

  5. Those potato slices look deliciously crispy. I have to admit, I've not really had 'proper' German food before - it's always been that tourist-trap kind of restaurants. I'd love to try some proper German food though!



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