A Weekend in Hobart

1/13/2014 09:57:00 PM

Salamanca Place

I'm finally blogging about our weekend in Hobart! It was a relaxed, food-filled couple of days back in August 2013. It was really low-key - we just booked an apartment we found online, visited a bunch of restaurants and cafes and did a little sightseeing. This is primarily going to be a picture post - enjoy!

2 Salamanca Square
Hobart, TAS 7000
Ph: (03) 6224-2554

Dinner on the first night was at Smolt, a busy restaurant in Salamanca Square. We were really impressed - the fish special, in particular, was incredible!

Pan-fried gnocchi with mixed mushrooms and goats curd at Smolt

Fish special of the day: yellowfin tuna & stargazer in lobster bisque with quail eggs, clams, mussels, calamari, cavolo nero & aioli  

Jackman and McRoss
57-59 Hampden Road
Battery Park TAS 7004
Ph: (03) 6223-3186
Jackman & McRoss Bakeries on Urbanspoon

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at Jackman and McRoss, an old-fashioned cafe in Battery Point who bake and sell a wide variety of breads and cakes. We liked it so much that we came back the next day for a little afternoon tea before flying back to Melbourne. (These pictures are from both visits).

Selection of cakes at Jackman and McRoss

Apple galette - $5.50

Beetroot-cured salmon danish with sesame oil, rocket, lemon zest, sesame seeds and aioli

Brioche filled with fresh berries and crème pâtissière - $5.80

Lemon and ricotta crumble cake - $8.00

Salamanca Markets
Salamanca Place
Every Saturday from 8:00am - 3:00 pm

Walking distance from Jackman and McRoss is the famous Salamanca Markets, where I picked up some honey and a few other tidbits. Apparently, before MONA opened, the markets were the most popular tourist destination in Hobart!

Salamanca Markets

Salamanca Markets

Fancy a creamed bush or a prickly box? Hehe.

Sweet Envy
341 Elizabeth Street
North Hobart, TAS 7000
Ph: (03) 6234-8805
Sweet Envy on Urbanspoon

Later that day, we swung past Sweet Envy to pick up some treats for the ferry ride to Bruny Island. It was a cute little shop, and highly recommended by lots of magazines. We chose two tarts: a brûlée tart, and a "Dexter" (rhubarb, cereal milk bavarois, sesame, caramel, chocolate). These were just ok - they looked pretty but were both quite bland. I definitely don't think they were worth the price. (Actually, they felt like a poor version of the cakes and tarts at Beatrix cafe in North Melbourne).

Brûlée tart
"Dexter" - with rhubarb, cereal milk bavarois, sesame, caramel, chocolate

And worst of all? We found a HAIR in the Dexter tart.

ARGH! Hair in my tart!

It was all curled up in there and super, super long. Totally gross!


Because we'd already taken the tarts away before discovering the hair, we couldn't take it back for a refund. Boo. But even disregarding the hair, I don't think the quality of the tarts we tried merits a second visit.

Bruny Island

Waiting for the ferry to Bruny Island

Get Shucked Oysters
Lease 204, 1735 Bruny Island Main Road
Great Bay
North Bruny, TAS 7150
Ph: 0428 606 250

I loved Get Shucked oysters! They sell super-fresh oysters straight out of a trailer. Love!

Bruny Island Oysters

Bruny Island Oysters

Get Shucked Oysters

So delicious.

Bruny Island Cheese
1807 Main Road
Great Bay
Bruny Island, TAS 7150
Ph: (03) 6260-6353

Next stop after Get Shucked was Bruny Island Cheese. The service here was quite brusque, but the cheese platter was fantastic. I loved the C2, the Tom and the ODO.

Bruny Island Cheese plate for two - $30

View from the Bruny Island Lookout

View from the Bruny Island lookout

Sunset on Bruny Island

Henry's Restaurant
The Henry Jones Art Hotel
25 Hunter Street
Hobart, TAS 7000
Ph: (03) 6210-7700
Henry's Harbourside on Urbanspoon

For dinner, we went to Henry's Restaurant in the Henry Jones Art Hotel. This was a chilled restaurant with a good wine selection, and a mixture of classic and more experimental dishes on the menu.

Steamed pork bun, fresh cucumber, coriander - $9

Vegetables - braised lentils, broad beans, pickled vegetables, charred cauliflower, blood orange gel, smoked oil, fresh herbs - $20

Cape Grim Short Rib - slow cooked beef, roasted parsnips and bacon, spring onion, pickled shallots, puffed quinoa, chimi churri - $37

The short rib was excellent, with a great smoky flavour from the chimi churri and a nice crunch from the puffed quinoa.

Pistachio - pistachio ice-cream, apple compote, candied pistachio, meringue, mulled wine jelly, apple snow - $16

Hazelnut - hazelnut and maple cake, candied pumpkin seeds, toasted hazelnuts, blueberry coulis, lime jelly, honeydew, pumpkin ice-cream - $16

Machine Laundry Cafe
12 Salamanca Square
Hobart, TAS 7004
Ph: (03) 6224-9922
Machine Laundry Cafe on Urbanspoon

Breakfast on the final (Sunday) morning was at Machine Laundry Cafe. It was very busy and it took us a while to get a seat, but the friendly staff managed the waiting customers really well - taking coffee orders, quickly clearing up tables and seating us in order and so on.

Hotcakes - peanut butter crumble, banana and chocolate hotcakes, with salted caramel sauce and double cream - $15.50

These hotcakes were incredible. Incredible! They were banana and chocolate hotcakes, with peanut butter crumble, salted caramel sauce and double cream. Woah! It was quite rich but, so delicious, and I totally smashed the whole dish! When the waiter came and cleared the plate, he said: "Wow, most people don't finish that!" Hahaha!

MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)
655 Main Rd
Rosetta, TAS 7011 
Ph: (03) 6277-9900

MONA is a must visit destination for many people visiting Hobart, and it was a very intense and dark experience. But for the purposes of this blog, I just wanted to show you some pictures of the lovely views from the gardens. So beautiful!

View from MONA

View from MONA

Guineau Fowls (?) in the Mona Gardens

Fish Frenzy
Elizabeth Street Pier
Sullivans Cove
Hobart, TAS 7000
Ph: (03) 6231-2134

Final lunch on our trip - fish and chips! Fish Frenzy at the Elizabeth Street Pier was very good, but also very expensive. ($14 for flake and chips!) Oh, well, it was still yum!

Flake and Chips - $14 (!!!!)

Elizabeth Street Pier

Thanks Hobart, you were awesome!

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  1. omg i've love to visit Bruny Island Cheese one day! And MONA too! Must get to Tassie, and soon.

  2. Woohoo, I'm flying to Hobart tomorrow! Going to MONA FOMA for the third year running. :-)

    I was interested to read that you weren't that impressed by Sweet Envy, it didn't really win me over either.

  3. We went to so many of the same places! I loved Machine Laundry, Henry's and Bruny Island. A shame you missed out on Daci & Daci, the hair in the cake is really not on!

  4. My comment was going to be about how Jackman and McRoss is one of my shining food memories from my trip to Tassie in Year 10 (I can't believe I haven't been back since; my uncle lives there for crissakes), but NOPE BRAIN EXPLODED PEANUT BUTTER CRUMBLE HOTCAKES ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. So many people I know have been to Tasmania recently and raved about it! It's definitely on my list of MUST DOs!

  6. Think you were really unfair about Sweet Envy. I and many others believe their cakes, pastries and icecream are amazing and incredibly flavour some. You also focused on the hair a bit too much. Odd.

  7. I have been twice And disappointed each time plus a long hair in our food? Erm that's not ok.



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