Pallet Espresso

9/11/2013 08:06:00 AM

Pallet Espresso - "Cafe Latte", "Cappuccino," "Espresso"

Pallet Espresso
620 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: 0403 235 410
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Quick post today! Yesterday for lunch I caught up with some friends, who suggested we try Pallet Espresso. I loved it, so I'm blogging it straight away! Pallet Espresso is a small cafe located behind Purple Peanuts at the Spencer Street end of Collins Street, and indeed, is owned by the same people. I love Purple Peanuts, so was pretty sure I'd enjoy Pallet Espresso too. (Incidentally, I have been meaning to blog Purple Peanuts' tuna o-nigiri as a Featured Dish for ages - hopefully I'll get around to it soon!)

Pallet Espresso is very much a cafe, serving Sensory Lab coffee, Western cakes and sandwiches, some cute salads, and some Japanesey fusion meals. (Think lamb shank burger, miso eggplant bento, Teriyaki beef sliders...) I also loved how the cool room was used as a decorative element. (I want that jar of Nutella!)

Chiller cabinet

Cute salads!


Vegie Soup with slow cooked egg and garlic bread - $7.90

The veggie soup was a hearty tomato-based bowl of warming deliciousness, and I thought the addition of the slow-cooked egg was a nice touch. The accompanying garlic bread didn't look garlicky, but the garlic oil drizzled on top sure packed a garlicky punch!

Two of us got bentos; essentially a collection of different salads, bread, and the main item arranged on a plate.
Karaage Bento - Japanese style fried chicken with green salad and tartare - $8.90

I didn't taste the fried chicken (don't come between a woman and her fried chicken!), but my friend Mellie said she enjoyed it.

Arancini bento - crunchy risotto rice ball with parmesan edamame on bolognese sauce and mixed salad - $8.90

In addition to the main item, the bentos included a slice of bread, a green salad (with a delicious dressing), a lotus root salad with sesame dressing, and a little piece of zucchini baked with ricotta. Oh, and a sriracha swirl!

I liked the bolognese sauce more than the arancini - whilst the sauce was beautifully flavoured and very comforting, I found the arancini a little bland in comparison, and the crust was thick and slightly chewy, rather than pleasantly crisp. Having said that, the salads were fantastic, and $8.90 is a bargain for such a varied and creative dish! I definitely want to come back and try some of the other items on their menu.

And to go, I got a cherry and almond biscuit to take away with a coffee. The biscuit was a little pricey at $3, but it was a nice afternoon treat.
Cappuccino, Cherry & almond biscuit

With its cosy atmosphere, very reasonably priced meals and friendly staff, Pallet Espresso was a great find. I really liked their food, and think that their style of Japanese-Western fusion food feels very at home in Melbourne.

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  1. I like the sounds of all of the dishes that you tried! Hehe and it's true, don't come between a woman (or man) and their fried chicken! :P

  2. I love Purple Peanuts! Yay that they now have a cafe too! will love to check it out =)



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