Human Brochure: Lunch at Grazing

11/21/2012 10:13:00 PM

Cnr Cook And Harp St
Gundaroo, NSW 2620
Ph: (02) 6236-8777

Lunch on the second day of our jam packed Human Brochure itinerary was a six-course tasting menu with matching wines at Grazing. I visited Grazing last year, on my last trip to Canberra, and really enjoyed it - I knew we were in for a treat!
Rather than sitting in the restaurant itself, we were seated under a special tent erected behind the cellar door and produce store on site. It looked very impressive!
Food & Wine humans
We were lucky to have gorgeous weather that weekend - perfect for wandering around the gardens.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch: two courses were from Chef Kurt (i.e. these are served in the restaurant), whilst the others were "taste of Canberra", showcasing local produce. Let's have a look!

First Course
Cream of tomato soup with Hobbit Farm goat's cheese toast and La Barre lemon infused extra virgin olive oil
Capital Wines 'The Swinger' Sauvignon Blanc 2012

I loved this tomato soup! First, the presentation was incredibly cute - I adore enamel cups! The tomato soup itself was gorgeous, with a rounded tomato flavour and the slight creaminess of the soup cutting through the acidity of the tomatoes. My only complaint: it was too small!

Second Course
Chef Kurt Neumann's "Snowy Mountain rainbow trout house smoked over Kyeema grapevine clippings served with an olive tapenade, almond puree, puffed grains and watercress"
Four Winds Vineyard Riesling 2011

Childish of me, I know, but my favourite element of this dish was the puffed grains - I loved the textural contrast and the crunch!

Non-Seafood Option
Roast beetroot, lentils, grilled halloumi, salad

Third Course
Chef Kurt Neumann's "Kangaroo tail and beetroot tortellini with our garden beetroot relish, goat's cheese and wattle seed burnt butter
Lark Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir 2011

I'd tried this dish the last time we visited Grazing, so I was super-pumped to see it on the menu! Burnt butter, hazelnuts, sweet beetroot, tender pasta and rich goat's cheese. Heaven! (Looking at lots of the other tweets that day, this appeared to be the favourite dish of the lot!)

Fourth Course
Bungendore Smoked lamb cutlet with Doodles Creek Aioli
Lambert Vineyards Shiraz 2008

More lambacon! It was surprising just how bacony it tasted - it must all be in the smoking.

Fifth Course
Local free range pork belly 'sliders' with Lynwood onion marmalade
Capital Wines 'The Ambassador' Tempranillo 2011

Pork belly! These sliders were little brioche buns, stuffed with a generous slab of pork belly, onion marmalade and coleslaw served with sweet potato and beetroot chips. The pork was deliciously juicy and meaty, although I must say I would have preferred a cracklier crackling.

Sixth Course
Brulee Tart with new season strawberries
Capital Wines 'The Treasury' Late Picked Riesling 2011

Dessert was a lovely, fresh little tart: shortcrust pastry filled with creme brulee, and topped with wonderfully fresh, intensely berried, strawberries. I should admit that I was hoping for a chocolate-based dessert (greedy!) - but I thought this was perfect for a warm sunny day.

Phew! And that was lunch! Very full and contented, (and slightly tipsy!)we rolled onto the bus and onto the National Gallery...

Thanks to the team at Grazing for putting on an excellent lunch!

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Sarah and Sandra visited Canberra as part of the Human Brochure campaign. This meal was included as part of the prize.

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