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10/26/2012 12:07:00 AM

Hey hey everybody! Just a quick one today: I wanted to let you all know I'm off to Canberra for the weekend, as part of the Human Brochure campaign that Australian Capital Tourism have put together to promote the nation's capital!

Basically, they created a big competition to bring 500 humans to Canberra for an all-expenses-paid weekend. (Half now, half in March next year). The idea is for us to come and experience Canberra, and share our experiences and thoughts via social media. I'm told that over 32,000 people applied for the 500 spots, so I'm pretty chuffed that I won!

We had four streams to choose from: Adventure, Family Fun, Arts and Culture, or Food and Wine. So you can all guess which one I selected - adventure, of course! Haha, just kidding! Food and Wine, Food and Wine! (I think the Adventure guys are doing some kind of mountain-biking-trip - it makes me tired just thinking about it, hehe).

Those of you who've read my blog for a while will know I've been to Canberra a few times already, and have always enjoyed it. Ostensibly we go to visit my friend who lives there, but also to check out their wineries, restaurants and cafes. (It's the city with the highest number of restaurants per capita in Australia!) I'm excited to discover new restaurant and foodie destinations, but also happy that we'll be visiting a restaurant I've been to before and really enjoyed. (Spoiler Alert: it's Grazing at Gundaroo!)

The humans behind the scenes at Australian Capital Tourism have been putting heaps of effort and work into the trip so far. The Food & Wine itinerary looks like a lot of fun, and the hotel they're putting us up in looks pretty schweeet. I can't wait!

You can follow the trip at the Human Brochure website, or using the #humanbrochure hashtag on Twitter.

I'll be blogging the trip after I get home, but if all this Canberra talk has whetted your appetite for all things Canberran, do check out my posts from my previous holidays.

2007 Trip:

2009 Trip:

2011 Trip:

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  1. Yay!! I can't wait to read about this! I've recently run across a blog by someone who moved to Canberra and each post has some sort of snarky backhanded comment about the city, and it reminded me how much I've loved your posts about our capital. We do have some fabulous, fabulous food - you just need to get out of Civic and into the suburbs to find it.

    Oh, I hope you get to Sage! I miss that place!


    P.S. Don't go in the place that looks like it could be a candy store near Grazing. I almost died.

  2. I'll be seeing you there - we're in the same stream!

  3. We loved exploring the veggie patch at Grazing. Have an awesome weekend!



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